Dr. Amit Jain’s Automated Healing Transmission Video

Spiritual/Divine/Energy/Reiki/Pranic/Psychic Healing on demand

Make your mobile phone, tablet or laptop an ATM of healing.


Watch Your Illness Away

Imagine Getting Rid of Viral Fever in 2-3 Days Instead of 4-5 Days or More
Imagine Having Less Pain Less Frequently
Imagine Your Medicine Doses Reducing Instead of Increasing
Imagine Feeling Refreshed at the End of a Stressful & Hectic Day
Imagine Sleeping More Peacefully


All that by just playing a video in front of you a few times a day.
No, we are not fooling with you. Just read the testimonies of actual users on the download page.

And we have no financial benefit to gain by lying to you about a FREE video.

Dr. Amit Jain has the secret knowledge & esoteric powers called Siddhis in India to send healing energies to anyone and all who are watching his healing video anytime and anywhere on this planet. Commonly a healer who is proficient in energy healing can only heal one person at a time either distantly or in person and it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Rarely, a few Master Healers on this planet can give mass healing to a small group.

But to heal anyone, anywhere through a video requires special knowledge & powers not exhibited by anyone on this planet except Dr Amit Jain. He is also the inventor of Life Card a credit card sized laminated card which can heal whoever keeps it with himself & prays on it. And White Armor, another card which is for psychic protection.

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Dr Amit Jain’s Inventions

Power & Protection

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The Art and Science of Prayer

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Balance & Harmony