Neutralize All Negative Energies Against You

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Are you stagnated in your profession in spite of all your efforts?

Are you not getting your due promotion and you do not understand why?

Is your once flourishing business or career facing tough times?

Has your brilliant top ranker son or daughter suddenly lost interest in studies or career?

Has your once so happy and harmonious relationship with your spouse turned sour and you are not understanding why?

Are you facing serious illness and pains out of the blue and doctors can’t even diagnose properly what has hit you?

Is your new born crying uncontrollably without any rhyme or reason?

Is your daughter not able to adjust with her husband in spite of everything?

Are you depressed and you do not know why?

Are you facing unnecessary and uncalled for problems in your business or career lately?




IT CAN EVEN BE BLACK MAGIC although that happens in rare cases, still happens

How To Easily Protect Your Assets, Life, Love, Family, Career, Business, Home, Peace And Happiness From EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS And All Sorts Of BLACK MAGIC?

Well, the truth is no insurance policy can save you or your dear ones from DEATH, DISEASE and LOSS. But the “WHITE ARMOR” can really save you and your loved ones from death, disease, unhappiness and loss IF the cause of that death, disease, unhappiness and loss is the Evil Eye, Psychic Attacks, Curses or Black Magic.

And the fact is that many if not all of your problems are not GOD’s Will, but are the handy works of envious people around you. The cut-throat competition, jealousy and selfishness many times creates black magicians out of ordinary people. And they consciously or unconsciously harm your progress, happiness, status, well being and riches. It’s time you take some action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

“WHITE ARMOR” is the latest invention of DR AMIT JAIN, world renowned spiritual scientist and inventor of the famous “LIFE CARD” (which has till date poured new energy in thousands of peoples’ lives worldwide). He is counted among world’s top energy healers and inventors, and is not available for personal healing or consultation at any price.

After 5 years of researching every possible solution and product available throughout the world, he finally breaks through the sure shot solution to the EVIL EYE problem which is affecting 90% of the people today.

Case Study 1: One very successful businessman suddenly started losing interest in going to his own shop. He would feel strange pains in his legs and he would just not feel like going to his shop. Till the time the evil eyes and psychic attacks against his business were not taken care of, he went into from being rich and being envied by all his family to a pitiful and indebted member of the family. And yet as soon as those evil eyes and attacks were taken care of, as suddenly the pains and bad will to go to the shop had appeared, so suddenly they disappeared.

Case Study 2: A child who used to always stand first in his class, suddenly started losing interest in studies. His concentration started decreasing to the point that his grades fell drastically. The parents and teachers are still trying to figure out what hit him!

How many intelligent children come home daily, full of psychic muck (evil eyes and attacks) thrown at them by their own friends and peers, can you count them all? No.

Case Study 3: An executive was not promoted, while all his colleagues received their promotions. After he was cleansed of all evil eyes and psychic attacks, not only he received promotion in the next round, on top of that he received a fatter bonus than his colleagues who were promoted in the last round.

Case Study 4: A businessman who was once very well off. But was facing tough times lately. Many pundits and psychics had told him and his family that they were under heavy black magic attacks. But in spite of doing all the resolutions suggested by them, the family just could not grow. His sons started new businesses which failed terribly resulting in more losses. Finally the family had left with no option but to sell their house, move to a rented one to pay off their debt and get some capital to start their business again. But….even after trying for 4 years they could not sell their house at even 20% off the regular rate in their area. After Dr Jain took care of those black magic attacks, within two months they got sold off their house at a good rate. The sons business ventures are doing very well since then and the businessman has started his old venture with the new capital and is slowly reaching to his old glory.

Case Study 5: An executive in a company went on a holiday abroad with his family. After he came back, he started experiencing sharp pains in his abdomen. The pains would start anytime and would last for a considerable period of time. The top doctors were consulted. All the tests were done. Nothing found. Then the relatives took him to the top pundits (Indian psychics), they did there resolutions, but not even a 10% relief. Then at last the case was brought to Dr Jain, and in 10 minutes the executive was relieved of his problems, the pain has not appeared again since the last 2 years.

Case Study 6: An industrialist reported sudden rise in cancellation of orders and complaints. The new orders also came down to a trickle. After Dr Jain took care of the evil eyes and psychic attacks, the cancellations stopped, orders started pouring in and even those clients which had not called for 4 months suddenly started calling to enquire and discuss the rates.

Case Study 7: A CA (Chartered Accountancy) student could not concentrate on his studies in spite of being on exam holidays. He would just feel averse the moment he would try to study. After the evil eyes and psychic attacks on his professional success were taken care of, he passed the exam with ease.

Case Study 8: A couple planned an excursion out to a neighboring state. Leave was taken from office. And when they informed their relatives of their plan to go, suddenly all their enthusiasm for the trip got showered down. And they started feeling strange fears. Only when the evil eyes and psychic attacks were taken care of they could feel positive again. And of course they had a wonderful trip.

Case Study 9: A very intelligent son could not succeed in any business because the mother was so fearful that because of her dominating behavior, if the son would succeed in standing on his own feet, he will leave her. So internally she would keep on projecting negative thoughts on his business ventures. Later she started even verbally cursing him. So what would happen is that whatever new venture the son will start, initially he will taste a stupendous result, but as soon as the mother would start seeing that he is succeeding, the whole thing would dwindle out and result in loss and frustration.

So till the time, he was not given protection from his own mother’s curses and psychic attacks, he could not succeed despite being intelligent and hardworking. And after he was protected, he rose and succeeded in the same things he was failing before.

Case Study #: How many daughter-in-laws are suffering evil eyes and psychic attacks from their mother-in-laws, we cannot even innumerate all the cases here! How many divorces and separations have happened because of this, we can’t put them all here! How many couples are fighting daily because of the evil eyes and psychic attacks, a whole library would not be enough to put them all!

How many husbands or wives have been stolen by jealous friends, is this space enough to write them all? No.


For a very limited time WHITE ARMOR is available at a 50% discounted price that everyone can afford.  If you want to easily protect your assets, life, love, family, career, business, home and happiness from EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC, then you need to take action right nowwhile WHITE ARMOR is at a mind blowing 50% discounted price.

If you see “Closed” in this box below, then I am sorry but you missed it.  If you still see an “Order Now!” button, then congratulations, you still have time.  But you better hurry, because you’ll never have another chance to easily protect your assets, life, love, family, career, business, home and happiness from EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC, for a price like this, ever again.

If you need more information, then please read on… but the clock is ticking on this even as you read.

Do you know there are 8 kinds of BLACK MAGIC Acts that a black magician can do on you?

And any ordinary person can cast 17 kinds of EVIL EYES on you? Then there are CURSES, SPELLS and HEXES?

Also Evil Spirits, Tantric Entities, Negative Elementals, Etheric Parasites, Ghosts and Psychic Attacks?

In TANTRA, there are 8 ways Mantras are used to send a Black Magic Attack against others. While there are only 2 ways it can be used to benefit oneself! WHY?

Because as you already know, its human nature…. people are more unhappy seeing other people’s happiness and growth than at their own misfortunes! So they do more to stop others from growing rather than just work towards raising themselves. You agree, don’t you?

Here is how a Black Magician can attack you in 8 ways:

  1. Stambhan Karma: Mantras used to stop the movement or growth of any living thing, business entity or inanimate object in nature.
  2. Mohan Karma: Mantra used to attract a man or woman. Hypnosis comes under this category. Also known as SAMMOHAN.
  3. Uchchatan Karma: Mantras used to disturb the mental equilibrium of any living being. Such a Mantra increases doubt, uncertainty, fear and delusion in the person on whom the same is directed.
  4. Vashikaran Karma: Mantras used to enslave somebody. The one on whom the Mantra is used, loses his own discrimination and will power and become like a puppet. Vashikaran means controlling the consciousness of the one on whom the Mantra is used. (Vash = control, karan = doing.)
  5. Akarshan Karma: Mantras used to attract somebody who is living at a distant place.
  6. Jrambhan Karma: Mantras used to change behavior patterns so that the one on whom the Mantra is used starts acting and thinking the way the one using the Mantra wants.
  7. Vidweshan Karma: Mantras used to create opposition between two individuals. This kind of Mantra creates anger, hatred, jealousy and aggression in both individuals towards each other. With others, their behavior remain as usual; it only changes with the one whom the user of the Mantra chooses and the result is animosity.
  8. Maran Karma: Mantras used to kill somebody or harm him terribly. This kind of use of Mantra brings unexplained diseases, pains and even death. 


Then there are 17 kinds of EVIL EYES:

  1. Controlling Eyes – Projecting evil eye to control somebody. The effect is that you lose your will and submit to the other person’s will unconsciously.
  2. Conceited Eyes – Putting the other person down eyes. The effect is that you start feeling inferior around the person who is projecting this kind of an eye on you.
  3. Spiteful Eyes – Projecting hatred and malice. The effect is that you start unnecessarily feeling malice towards everybody.
  4. Vexed Eyes – Projecting annoyance and agitation. The effect is that you unnecessarily start getting irritated on small issues. You just feel annoyed and agitated for no apparent reason at all.
  5. Lusting Eyes – Projecting lust and neediness. The effect is that you start feeling lonely and needy, craving for others.
  6. Angsty Eyes – Projecting anxiety, nervousness and depression. The effect is that you are anxious for no rhyme or reason, feeling nervous and depressed.
  7. Demeaning Eyes – Projecting smallness. The effect is that you feel small, inadequate, worthless, lacking any self confidence in you.
  8. Ordering Eyes – Projecting an order. The effect is that you unconsciously wants to fulfill the wishes of that person, which you would not have wanted to if you were not forced to.
  9. Panicky Eyes – Projecting fear and panic. The effect is that you feel fearful for no apparent reason. Panic attacks, creating fear and instability in you.
  10. Morbid Eyes – Projecting gloom, sickness, despondency and sullenness. The effect is that you do not feel like doing anything. Nothing interests you. You feel sick without any cause.
  11. Impeaching Eyes – Projecting discredit and accusations. The effect is that you do not receive proper credit for your work and are unnecessarily accused and impeached.
  12. Judging Eyes – Projecting their judgement on you. The effect is that you start receiving results consistent to what that person’s judgement for you is which is of course against you always.
  13. Punishing Eyes – Projecting punishment. So the effect is that you are now at the receiving end of a punishment as per the whims of this person.
  14. Croaker Eyes – Grumblingly projecting evil. The effect is that evil things start happening to you while you are whacking your brains off that what has hit you.
  15. Languorous Eyes – Projecting oppressive laziness. The effect is that you feel there is no energy in you to accomplish even simple tasks.
  16. Outraged Eyes – Projecting outrage. The effect is that you feel angry and raged at all for no reason or rhyme.
  17. Killer Eyes – Projecting total annihilation on you or any of your projects, job, trip, relation, prosperity or growth. The effect is that on whatever this killer eye is projected at that thing starts decaying and if this killer eye is not taken care of then ultimately that thing will meet its unnatural end.


Also there are:

Curses, Spells, Hexes, Evil Spirits, Tantric Entities, Negative Elementals, Etheric Parasites, Ghosts and Psychic Attacks!!!!

To invent “WHITE ARMOR”, Dr Amit Jain has researched each and every mode and type of Evil Eyes, Black Magic and all else mentioned above to protect you and your family from all of these and to heal you from all their past ill effects.

For past several years, Dr Amit Jain has been witness to innumerable bright people going down the dumps or facing undue hardships because of their relatives, friends or neighbor’s envy.

Yes, it is other people’s envy that is the cause of so much suffering that so many good people are facing in these competitive times. Never in the history of the mankind, we had to face such cut-throat competition. Even if somebody’s nursery kid does not come first in the class or in a competition, there is so much fuss created about it! You are now getting what we are trying to say here, aren’t you?

People can just not see other people’s growth, prosperity or happiness.

And the result is the good people keep on suffering because of these people.

Earlier times, our elders would just take some raw pepper or lemon or a cotton wick soaked in mustard oil and just take out the evil eyes from their children.

But now-a-days, the jealousy in modern times has become so strong that when Dr Amit Jain tested in his “Energy Labs” he found that these old measures are like a drop in the ocean. They just give some momentary relief taking out some very low level intensity evil eyes from the victim, that’s all. Because now-a-days we have witnessed ordinary normal people cursing with such vengeance on such small things that we were shocked initially.

What is an evil eye or a Psychic Attack?

Evil Eyes, Curses and Psychic attacks are simply negative energies that someone sends with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Harm can be launched towards your emotional, physical, financial, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies can be projected in the form of thought, emotion, will, etc. based mainly upon jealousy toward you. It can also happen for many reasons other than jealousy. 


How do you know that you are a victim of Evil Eyes or Black Magic?

Do you experience any of these Symptoms and Signs?

feeling as if you have no energy to do anything

unexplainable pains at certain points of the body

difficulty in concentrating or loss of constant focus and memory

awakening in the middle of the night with pain or sudden bowel movement

irritability and short temper

rising in the morning feeling still damn tired after a whole night’s rest

depressed mood

excessive anxiety and insecurity

sexual indifference

stagnated in your profession in spite of all your efforts

not getting your due promotion

your once flourishing business or career facing tough times

your son or daughter has suddenly lost interest in studies or career

your once so happy and harmonious relationship with your spouse has turned sour

you or a family member is facing serious illness and pains out of the blue and doctors can’t even diagnose properly what has hit you

your new born is crying uncontrollably without any rhyme or reason

your daughter is not able to adjust with her husband in spite of everything

you are facing unnecessary and uncalled for problems in your business or career lately


Will “WHITE ARMOR” resolve all your problems?

We can’t say. But yes, if your problem is because of evil eyes, psychic attacks, curses or any sort of black magic, evil spirits, IT WILL HELP YOU.

And, no we cannot individually confirm for each and everybody whether there problem is because of any of the above reason. We are extremely sorry but we don’t have that much time luxury because of our free mission work that we do.

All we can say is that, Dr Amit Jain, the inventor has been helping his relatives, friends and students for the past 9 years against these attacks. He has been most of the time, the last resort for all these people after they have already visited the best of the doctors (getting all tests done), pundits (astrologers), tantriks and what not. And till now Dr Amit Jain has not failed them a single time.

That is why he has been researching in his “Energy Labs” for all these years to find an easy solution which the people can use by themselves. When he invented (5 years ago, in 2007) the now famous “LIFE CARD” (if you haven’t heard of it, seriously you must be living in some cave) {“LIFE CARD” is a simple and powerful spiritual healing tool to heal your body, relationships, finances and all sorts of problems – well it’s a sort of wish fulfilling genie}, he thought he had found a potent solution for this problem also. But when he tested it for these attacks, he found that it could only tackle some very low potency evil eyes and psychic attacks. However hard you try, you just cannot make a panacea for all ills. So the search began for a White Armor which could not only disintegrate all attacks already done against a person, but also could protect constantly from the future attacks.

He tested all sorts of talismans, magic charms, Turkish eye, symbols, tantric and sattvic mantrams, Islamic prayers, Jewish prayers, Hindu prayers, all kinds of Yantras, amulets, Christian prayers, Buddhist prayers and mantrams. In fact, he ordered products which showed even a little potential to him and then tested them thoroughly in his “Energy Labs”. We even can’t tell you what frustration he went through all those years when one after another all the claims of people went kapoot. Not even a single thing was showing as much as 10% results. Many a times he just thought there is no hope.

To his dismay, after testing in his “Energy Labs” he found that many of these so called famous “Evil Eye” products are nothing more than decoration pieces without any energy. Forgive us if this shatters your long held beliefs, but the truth is the truth.

Then after being frustrated with all these useless products, he started research on a new card to combat the evil eye and black magic using the same advanced technology that went in the making of the “LIFE CARD”.

But was that easy? You bet. He made and tested at least 5 cards and rejected his own creations after he was not convinced with the results he was getting from them. That is the problem with him, he is just too perfectionist! Don’t believe us, ask his wife, daughter, students and acquaintances. Horror stories abound of his perfectionist attitude of exigent behavior, how he just won’t let them stop till they have achieved their best.

So to cut the long story short, finally he created what he could settle for. In his “Energy Labs” and tests this card showed excellent results. And this card was sold to his close 12 students.

They got excellent results. This was one year ago (2010). But still he would not launch this card for the public. And we were wondering what’s the problem with this man? Now, he has even sold this card to his students, why not launch it for the people to benefit the suffering humanity? And meanwhile in the support FAQ sheet that goes along with the Life Card, we had put the name of this card, of course the “White Armor” and put up a line that it is about to be launched. And voila, we started receiving enquires through phone calls, emails…people asking us please just sell this card to me. And this man won’t budge. He still said I am still not feeling right about the card.

Dios mio, what to do with his perfectionism? But he is the boss….

Then, after a long wait and more tests (is he a fanatic or what? Just thinking loud…), finally finally and yes this is the final finally, he came up with an advanced version of the “White Armor”. So quickly, all the cards sold previously to his students were replaced free of cost and this new version was given to them. This happened in March, 2011. They were already happy with the previous version but of course they became more happy with this advanced and more powerful version. This was later confirmed by the excellent results they got.

But will he launch it now, we were thinking? Nope. “Let them test it”, was his curt reply.
And after a lot more tests changing the prayer some “n”th number of times, now in July, he finally approved of “White Armor’s” public launch. Phew….

At last, you can now lay your hands on your “White Armor”!

Who will tell you how to use, what to do and what not after you purchase WHITE ARMOR

WHITE ARMOR is very easy to use. It is a credit card sized laminated card which you will keep in your house and you have to make simple prayers twice a day which take only 2 minutes. Simple instructions come along with the WHITE ARMOR. Of course, you can email us anytime on the exclusive support email address available to all WHITE ARMOR users.

Are there any side-effects of the WHITE ARMOR?  

No! But yes, if there are lots of evil eyes or psychic attacks  on a person, then some uneasiness is felt initially. But as the evil eyes and all other attacks are thrown out of your system, the uneasiness goes away. This is a temporary phase, as when WHITE ARMOR will repel all the evil eyes from deep down, some of you might feel them in your aura for a while till the process is not complete. After that the WHITE ARMOR keeps on protecting you and do not let any evil eyes or psychic attacks even touch you.

WARNING: Please never ever tell anybody that you have such a protection as “WHITE ARMOR”. You do not know who is consciously or unconsciously throwing all these evil eyes and black magic on you, do you? And sometimes, its the people who are closest to us or whom we least suspect, are the ones who are the cause of most of our troubles. So you are strongly advised never to show or talk about your “WHITE ARMOR”.

How do You know this is not another Internet or Psychic Scam?

Dr Amit Jain has been around with his “Life Card” for more than 5 years now with thousands of enthusiastic and satisfied Life Card users. And for 5 years we have been selling “Life Card” with a 1 month Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, we know in the spiritual field, there are more charlatans than authentic people. Charlatans who take advantage of the people who give them their faith. Charlatans who take advantage of the ignorance of the innocent people. And may be in the past you might have been bitten by one of them. This is the worst that the Charlatans do. One can earn the money lost, but the faith is hard to come again. And because of them one becomes skeptic and often loses the good that could have been his or her if only he or she would have the discernment like the Swan to separate the milk from the water. That is why if you are asking yourself…

But What if “WHITE ARMOR” could not Help You?

Now, you can easily protect your assets, life, love, family, career, business, home and happiness from EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC. And we’ll put our money where our mouth is by fully guaranteeing your satisfaction. 

Try “WHITE ARMOR” for a full month. If you are satisfied with the initial improvements, keep it for more to come. If you are not satisfied with the initial results, just ask for a full refund. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

You may have tried so many other things that couldn’t give any result? And I bet nobody gave you any Money Back Guarantee! But here you have almost no risk. You can try WHITE ARMOR for a full month and if you don’t feel any improvement in your life, please return it to us in good condition and your whole 100% Money investment in the WHITE ARMOR will be promptly refunded without any questions

The Biggest Three Reasons Why You Should Act Immediately

Reason 1) Results that you can feel almost instantly

WHITE ARMOR is extremely simple to use yet an extremely sophisticated tool that protects your assets, life, love, family, career, business, home and happiness from EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC

For this reason and this reason alone, you should get it. For yourself and your family.

Reason 2) Ask yourself, what is the cost of your peace, prosperity, wealth, spiritual growth, professional growth, profits and your freedom? 

The skeptics, the so called modern people, the pseudo-scientists, the know alls call us Spiritual Scientists superstitious, cave men, voodoo, or what not 

But even the brightest of them can’t cure you of your maladies. Yes, they can laugh at you if you try to resolve your problem through means that they do not understand because of their narrow perception of reality. But they cannot help you. Can they?

The truth is, it just comes down to “You cannot feel the pain of others till it doesn’t happen to you.”

Yes, till it doesn’t happen to them, they can laugh at us, they can think we are idiots or whatever they want to think about us. But they cannot help us. They cannot make us any better! Can they?

But you and me, we know what you go through when you are under a spell, a curse, evil eyes, a psychic attack or worse a black magic attack.

And if you would experience what we have experienced and know about WHITE ARMOR, you will immediately get it to protect yourself and your family.

Reason 3) You’ve got nothing to lose!
It’s guaranteed! One hundred percent! You don’t like it, just ask for your money back. We have a 30 days money-back guarantee! Yes I know it sounds incredible but I want you to know that I really stand behind this offer.

This is one investment you want to make for yourself and as quickly as possible!  
Now it’s 50% off, but it’s not going to stay that way for long. Soon it will only be available at FULL PRICE. Procrastination will not only cost you in terms of the benefits lost but it will also cost because this price will go even higher. Why pay more when you can use the power (the power to protects your assets, life, love, family, career, business, home and happiness from EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC) right away? If you want to take advantage of this offer do it now!

Ok, here’s our offer…

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What will happen once you click the button. You will be taken to a secure page where you can fill in your credit card details. This will be verified instantly and Your WHITE ARMOR and LIFE CARD (+Bonuses if you chose the combo option) will be dispatched in 1-2 working days through Courier. If you pay by Cheque/DD you will be taken to the page where you get the details where to send your cheque/DD. In this case also Your WHITE ARMOR and LIFE CARD (+Bonuses if you chose the combo option) will be dispatched in 1-2 working days through Courier after receipt of your Cheque/DD.



If the system doesn’t accept your credit card or if you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. I’d be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential.


P.S. Just think how much the EVIL EYES, PSYCHIC ATTACKS, CURSES, SPELLS and all sorts of BLACK MAGIC being thrown at you, your home, career, prosperity, love, family, harmony, business, life, health and wellness are costing you right now? Then multiply it with the number of days, months and years they have been affecting you and will keep on affecting you without the “WHITE ARMOR”!
If the cost of all that is less than this discounted price of “WHITE ARMOR” which will keep on protecting you and your family from all those losses for your lifetime, then surely don’t buy the “WHITE ARMOR”. But if all that costs much more, then you already know what you should be doing right now….Do what is best for you and click here.



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