Dr. Amit Jain, world’s leading spiritual psychologist, alchemist and wellness MD, the man counted among world’s top spiritual mentors, energy healers and inventors, is not available for personal guidance, healing or consultation at any price.

Our Mission


Dr. Amit Jain is world’s leading authority on all things spiritual and esoteric be it meditation, enlightenment, healing, gnosis, raja yoga, ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga, karma, dharma, tao, zen, alchemy, tantra, sex, religion, mind, wellness, soul and spirit.

At 20, he cleared a professional Cost & Management Accountancy final exam self-studying, believe it or not, just for 4 days. This is an exam, which many flunk after studying and attending tuition for 6 months. The passing rate is 5-6%.

One year after that an inner call made him leave a lucrative career in Chartered Accountancy when the peers were expecting him to top the country, and start on a spiritual quest. His mother tried in vain to get him interested in material things but he would only visit libraries and spiritual schools telling her, till the time I don’t know why am I living I am not going to do anything else but seek the truth about life, death and God.

Very soon he found his spiritual guru in Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor and only 3 years later, he became the first Indian gnostic spiritual instructor, finding his true calling. Since then, he has initiated and mentored thousands of students in spirituality helping them log-in to their mind, body and soul to find true harmony and happiness.

Since, leaving accountancy as a career, he got interested in alternative medicine and after finishing his MD, he found his healing mentor in Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Under him, he mastered energy healing, feng shui, Taoist & yogic techniques.

Soon he was experimenting and inventing life changing healing products, healing and meditation techniques, which have umpteen times produced miraculous results for people. 

Wanting to enlighten others, he founded CFEL, World Center For Enlightened Living. CFEL’s mission? To guide you to your enlightenment and empowering you to guide others to theirs. 

Presently he lives in the Himalayas where in the winter the temperatures are freezing cold. He hasn’t worn any woollens since 2010. The villagers in his village are shocked to see him roaming in his t-shirt and shorts in the freezing weather of Nainital whether it’s cloudy, windy, raining or snowing.

Moreover, he hasn’t fallen sick for a single day since 2005.

His Blood Pressure, Blood Cholesterol and Blood Sugar are perfectly normal.

He doesn’t take any supplements. He hasn’t taken any allopathic medicines or drugs since 1999. And before you start thinking he must be taking some special diet, he has never been on a diet for a single day of his life. On the contrary he is quite a foodie and loves his sweets, chocolates, ice creams and fried foods.


Our Motto


“Each Day Devote Yourself To Perfecting Yourself, And To The Perfection Of Whatever You Pursue.”

“You know what we love about our lives? We get to wake up every day to do something we love. We get to inspire and help people perfect themselves and their lives. To aim for the stars and realize Nirvana. It’s the most wonderful thing in the whole cosmos. In fact, we cannot even tell you in words the fulfilling feeling we get when people share with us the real transformations that happen in their lives because of CFEL. It really is amazing. The best part is, this pursuit of perfection results in better personal, professional and married lives. We do really well in all the areas of our lives. We have more peace, happiness and love inside-out. We are very lucky and blessed to be leading balanced and purposeful lives. I invite you to experience all this for yourself. You have nothing to lose except your ignorance, weaknesses and tensions.”

– Dr Amit Jain’s wife Monika Jain, co-founder & director CFEL



His Inventions: By creating an alchemy of science and spirituality he invented a powerful healing card, a truly effective Health|Wealth|Luck Charm, Life Card, the instant power chip. White Armor, a unique tool to neutralize all negative energies against you. Chakra Healing tool, an extraordinary tool for energy healers to heal easily, quickly and potently. 

Whenever he faced a problem in life, he converted it into an opportunity to find a solution that would not only help him but would make a difference in million other lives. Once, being under 4 million in debt, having zero income, no support – in just 4 years, he turned this debt into a surplus never even for once faltering on his commitments. That too not through any get rich quick scheme, but by adding more value in people’s lives.

Powerful Healer and psychic: Has healed people’s pain in minutes, when top doctors and umpteen medical tests failed to even diagnose the cause of pain. Has helped people cure long lying physical diseases, relationship problems, sexual problems and business problems in minutes by diagnosing what negative thought or emotion is causing that problem and helping them remove that thought or emotion.  

Healing Video:  The only healer in the world who has the secret knowledge and esoteric powers to send healing energies to anyone through his healing video any time and any where on this planet. Believe when you get healed. This healing video can heal any disease. You can download it on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop for FREE. Just watch the video (10 minutes) two times a day and experience the magic of healing yourself. You have nothing to lose. 

No-nonsense Author: He is the author of “Mind and Meditation ~ The Art and Science of Awakening”, “Karma Dharma Moksha ~ The Art and Science of Living, Dying and Enlightenment”, “Zen Kamasutra ~ From Sex To Samadhi”, “Core Décor ~ Interior designing for your Mind and Soul”, “The Long Lost Hidden Anti-Aging Secret of The Fountain of Youth”, “VastuZen: Feng Shui 2.0 ~ Curing diseased and unlucky homes and offices”.

Spiritual Mentor: The founder director of CFEL, Devachan School of Gnostic Rishis and Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery. His Enlightened Leadership coaching program creates spiritual mentors. He is known to be the mentor of the mentors.

The Story So Far

2019     “GOD YOGA” free online course launched on our new proprietary online platform.

2015     After searching for years, finally found the true causes and cure of human ailments. Although I had been successfully diagnosing the real causes of what ailed my students and patients for some years now, but this was the year I got total clarity into the cause and cure of disease, whatever kind of disease it might be – chronic, acute or genetic. You can cure yourself of any disease by participating in our online course – “Peak Health Peak Performance”.

2012     Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery founded in Ramgarh, Nainital in the Himalayas; and me, Monika and Aparna shifted our abode to Devachan. Same year “Healing Video” and “Peace Ring” were launched.

2011     After years of research, ”White Armor” a psychic protection tool was invented and launched. Same year, launched the free online course – GNOSIS: The Pathway To Self Mastery, which received participation from around the world.

2009     This year, under CFEL we founded Devachan School of Gnostic Rishis, that brings out and empowers the inner wizard of each student to enlighten others – restoring Vasudhev Kutumbakam through individual empowerment.

2006     This was a period of hyper-sensitivity. From this time I became extremely sensitive and conscious of people’s energies and my surroundings. I couldn’t sit next to people in cars, trains or planes. I would sense the negative energies if someone would come 10 feet near me. I was already teaching energy healing and healing people from thousands of kilometres away. But to sit next to them became a challenge. Also in 2006, with the purpose of guiding people to enlightenment and empowering them to guide others to theirs, along with my wife and spiritual consort Monika, I started CFEL, World Center For Enlightened Living.

2005     During this period I experienced a state of hyper-creativity. I researched a lot of scientific discoveries in the energy field and invented a very powerful instant energiser and spiritual healing tool, which you all know as “Life Card”.

2001     Got my MD in Alternative Medicine: MD (AM)

2000     After reading an article in a magazine where they compared Reiki with Pranic Healing, I immediately joined the basic Pranic Healing course and then one after another did all the advanced levels. Soon I was attending retreats and advanced courses with the great guru, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui himself. This was a very enlightening experience to learn directly from him. I must say, I have been very fortunate in terms of the spiritual teachers and gurus that I had the privilege to learn from in this life.

1999     Me and Monika were blessed with a daughter, Aparna.

1997     Got married, arranged by my parents, but fell in love with my fiancé and soon wife Monika who is a B. Sc. (Environmental Science) from Delhi University and B. Ed. from Annamalai University, Chennai.

1996     After leaving CA, I was very much interested in Alternative Medicine, so I had joined a graduate degree course in it, which I passed this year and got my BASM degree.

1995       I went to do my teacher’s course in an esoteric gnostic monastery at Monserrat Mountains near Barcelona, Spain. Thus, I became the first Indian gnostic spiritual instructor, finding my true calling. Since then, I have initiated and mentored thousands of students in spirituality helping them log-in to their mind, body and soul to find true harmony and happiness.

1992       While pursuing CA, I became disillusioned with the material world and an inner call made me leave a lucrative career in Chartered Accountancy to pursue spiritual quest full time. I remember my peers were quite flustered as they were expecting me to top the country. But this gave the biggest shock to my parents. My mother tried in vain to get me interested in material things but at that time I would only visit libraries and spiritual schools and I remember telling her once, “Till the time I don’t know why am I living, I am not going to do anything else but seek the truth about life, death and God.” It was quite an epiphany, because before this awakening moment, I was living quite an ordinary life, just mechanically following the daily routines and suddenly all these questions surrounded me. What is life? Why am I living? Who is God? Why has God created this universe? What is His purpose? Why we live, why we die? What is the truth? How do I find the truth? It was a different time then. There was no internet, no lollypop gurus, no TV discourses, no Reiki. Meditation was not in common vocabulary even. During my search while reading, researching and visiting various spiritual schools of thoughts, I was not at all satisfied, though all this learning further fuelled my inner thirst and hunger for the truth, till I finally encountered the teachings of Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor. It was 1992. Master Samael had already left his physical abode but his teachings were being spread by his direct disciples who had formed schools. One such school sent a couple to India from Brazil, and I answered their newspaper ad. As I progressed through the weekly lessons, I started finding answers to my questions and shortly I was face to face with the whole truth. Thus, I found my spiritual guru in him. One evening while looking at the star lit sky, I recall thinking, “If Siddhartha Gautama can become a Buddha, why not me?

1991       Graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. Simultaneously got a professional degree in Management Accountancy – AICMA. Joined Chartered Accountancy (CA). Till now, the only big things were topping my school – St. Francis De Sales in 12th standard, getting in Shri Ram College of Commerce without having to apply in any other college, and clearing the final group of ICMA with just 4 days of study.


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