Getting Rid of Viral Fever in 2-3 Days Instead of 4-5 Days or More
Having Less Pain Less Frequently
Your Medicine Doses Reducing Instead of Increasing
Feeling Refreshed at the End of a Stressful & Hectic Day
Sleeping More Peacefully

All that by just playing a video in front of you a few times a day.

Watch Your Illness Away

I have been taking the video healing sessions for last few months and this healing video has become my Health Tonic, my Stress Reliever and my Mood-uplifter, all at once.

Few days ago, a serious throat infection happened which gets worse and develops into a viral in my case. It always takes me about a week to recover from it with the help of anti-biotics and cough syrups and during this one week I am very low on energy and have to also take 1-2 days leave from office. This time, when the infection began to develop, I immediately took back to back two healing sessions at a gap of few hours and from next day morning, the infection was more or less gone and by the day after, I was completely relieved. It just replaced one week of strong medicines! Thank you very much for giving us this free of cost highly effective healing in this age when medicines are so expensive and usually drain our body by the end of the medication.

In my corporate life also, there are days when I come back home absolutely TIRED and with energy so little that even moving one finger takes so much effort, forget spending time with my family or going anywhere to socialize. So I thought of trying this healing to see may be it can help. So I took it once on one of the days and it completely refreshed me. I felt so balanced and fresh and energetic as if I had done nothing whole day and I was on vacation. It was too good to be true. And now I am completely addicted.

Otherwise also, after taking a healing session, I have noticed that I am more Positive and optimistic about life and circumstances around me. I am more smiling and open-hearted while interacting with people and taking on everyday situations, as if I have this boundless energy and patience to go thru everything. I am more tolerant of others around me and willing to give them benefit of doubt if they do anything upsetting. I am almost a new person!

Sir, thank you very much for providing this healing video and for this unbelievable invention. You have always given us amazing self-help tools and support even before we realize that we need them. Wish you lots and lots of Love & Light 🙂

~ Neeraj Ghai, Corporate Executive

Dr. Amit Jain’s Automated Healing Transmission Video

Spiritual/Divine/Energy/Reiki/Pranic/Psychic Healing on demand

Make your mobile phone, tablet or laptop an ATM of healing.


You need not believe to be healed. 

Just be receptive and accept the healing. Believe when you get results.

This video can be life saving. 

This healing video can heal any disease. This video can improve the quantity & quality of your life, of a sick friend, relative or loved one.

Taking a Healing is So EASY

Just put the video in front of you (even if you are watching TV, or eating lunch, or sleeping).
Take as many times in a day as you feel the need.

It’s like taking personal healing from world’s most powerful healer, for free.

Taking healing by just putting this video in front of you gives you more powerful and effective healing than any healer on this planet healing you personally sitting next to you.

Dr. Amit Jain has the secret knowledge & esoteric powers called Siddhis in India to send healing energies to anyone and all who are watching his healing video anytime and anywhere on this planet. Commonly a healer who is proficient in energy healing can only heal one person at a time either distantly or in person and it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Rarely, a few Master Healers on this planet can give mass healing to a small group. But to heal anyone, anywhere through a video requires special knowledge and powers not exhibited by anyone on this planet except Dr Amit Jain. He is also the inventor of [Life Card] a credit card sized laminated card which can heal whoever keeps it with himself & prays on it. And [White Armor], another card which is for psychic protection.

Hypothetically speaking, if Dr Amit Jain were to heal you personally, you would have to pay at least $100 (Rs 7,000) per healing session.

This healing video, he promises is as good as if he is personally healing you every time you play it and receive the healing in front of it.

And it is available to you for FREE, as many times and for as many family members, as you want to play it.

Honorable Sir, it was a unique experience. After my open heart surgery (CABGx4) in April,2011, I have been feeling numbness or irritation in heart whenever I was stressed or under pressure. I have been under regular medication thereafter, off course with visible side effects like severe cramps, dry skin, loss of appetite, general debility/weakness etc.. During my trip to Shillong in first week of November,2012 I suddenly started spitting blood and developed sharp piercing pain in the heart. Though the blood spitting stopped about a week after my return to Delhi on March 13,2012, the pain in the heart continued. Rather the heart pain increased after I caught viral fever in the last week of March,2012. This pain vanished after the very first healing, during which I felt my ribs parting and heart opening- the same way it was probably opened at hospital for surgery. My doctor, however has not been able to identify the reasons for the pain. Thanks a lot, Sir .

~ Kulwant Dabas

What it can do?

All diseases can be healed from common cold to cancer. This healing video can heal any disease. This video can:  

  • Lessen your intake of harmful prescription drugs.
  • Complement your medical treatment with healing to Get Well Soon
  • Instant anytime healing ATM in your pocket
  • Save yourself a lot in medical/healing bills
  • Get your life back
  • Only way to regenerate your organs & body
  • Restore balance & harmony
  • Get free healing from one of the world’s most powerful & effective healer lying in your bed.

How does it work?

We have such a fantastic blood circulation system in our physical body the arteries, the veins, the capillaries. And the blood sustains the physical body.

Similarly, we have an Energy body which is sustained and nourished by the life force energies, called PRANA in India, CHI in China, KI in Japan, Mana in Polynesia, Ruah in Hebrew, Pneuma in Greek.

This Prana flows in the Nadis – the energetic meridians in the Energy Body. The Indian Yogis, the Chinese Acupuncture all mention a network of energetic Nadis/Meridians in the human aura. In fact, the ancient Indian Yogis, named 72000 Nadis in the human energy body.

“PRANA is the Life Energy that keeps the body alive and healthy.”

“PRANA is the base of human Health and Illness. Therefore, the hypothesis in Yoga is that all diseases are caused by improper distribution of PRANA in the body.”

Paramhamsa Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar School of YOGA, Munger

The good news is that your energy field or your Aura can receive as well as transmit energy vibrations or “vibes”, what is called in Yoga, the PRANA. You can receive this vital energy or prana for physical, emotional and mental well being when you play Dr Amit Jain’s Healing Video and heal any disease.

While in Shillong for a family trip, we visited the double deckker root bridge which is 3 km down hilly forest. Walked around 3000 stairs to reach there. l thank you Gurudev for the Healing Video. We played it twice and it healed all our fatigue.

Yesterday when Sriansh was feeling nervous because of his board exams and not able to sleep, Nikita played healing video and after sometime he fell asleep. He woke up fit and energetic. Heartfelt gratitude to you and the knowledge you have given to us. Thank you

~ Abhishek Aggarwal

On a trip to Dubai, me and my family went for riding hot air balloon in the early morning. It dragged at the time of landing on sand dunes and all of us get hurt. Thank you Gurudev for the healing video. We all recover from the mental shock very quickly with the healing. Taking regular healing for faster recovery from muscular pain.

~ Nikita Aggarwal

Is this healing video a panacea for all ills?

Health is a state of balance and harmony. Disease is a state of imbalance and disharmony. The healing energies transmitted through this video will restore the balance in in all the internal organs of your body, thus restoring balance and harmony. Law of self healing. Thus, when there is balance, health is restored.

A person has to believe that the Great Creator who made the human body is quite able to repair, renew and restore it to its former functioning or even better than before. The healing sessions have been great. My mind is clear and focussed, my memory is improving and I am at peace. Working together with the lessons in the Pathway to self-mastery have caused a great change in my life. I am joyful, peaceful, energetic, enthusiastic and got a good job today!!!!!!! Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Sincerely I bow to you.

~ Marcia Barton Stewart

Dear Sir, Its past one month,I am taking your healing. I have become strong and positive. It took me nearly four years to come out of my grief of losing my spouse.I am getting better day by day.Thanks to you Sir. It all happened because of your Meditations and healings.I AM REALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU SIR.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

~ Raka Gupta

Its very good,,,, Amitji god bless you,,, you are doing great for humanity,,,, I really enjoyed it

~ Rishi Jalan

Would it cure you?

Only you can cure yourself. By working on the underlying causes of the disease. By completely transforming yourself and through balancing your 3 Brains. Otherwise yes, the healing would certainly help you improve the quantity & quality of your life & health but the effects would only go if you remove the causes. For chronic patients, the miraculous effects of the healing are directly related to the level of inner transformation. Dr. Amit Jain has devoted his whole life to study the underlying causes of what ills the current humanity, and it’s mostly psychosomatic, emotional & mental.

The healing was very soothing, pain relieving and energy providing. It gives you a miraculous experience. I was feeling some problem in urinating which disappeared after one healing only. Such wonderful healing has never been provided by any spiritual master to general public in the past as per my opinion. I shall advise my near and dear ones to avail benefit from this great healing immediately.

~ Kuldeep Rishi


The criteria for self-proof?

Note the date and your physical, emotional and mental condition on the day you start taking the healing.
After a month/2 months/3 months note your condition again. Then compare your notes.

Sir Amit,
Greetings of peace. I was able to download this video. I have gone 3 sessions already. I observed some changes in my vision since then. Thank you so much for sharing this energy healing accessible to many of us. God bless you and your family more.

~ Ma. Dely P. Esberto


Why you must try it

Who would in there sane mind won’t want one of the most powerful healers in the world heal them any time for free?

As most people in this modern world only understand the language of money, let me give you an account of your savings:
A healer who is at least somewhat experienced, powerful and effective would take anything from 1000-2000 INR if you are in India, and 40-50 $ if you are in America, Europe or Australia per healing. In acute conditions, you will have to take at least 2 healing per day for it to provide adequate relief. On average, a chronic patient would require at least 12-15 sessions per month for the healing to be any effective. That means if you are in India, you will spend 12,000-30,000 INR per month, and if you are in America, Europe or Australia, you will spend 480-750$ per month on healing. Then, this healing video is free for life. Anyone in your family can benefit from it. Just multiply and calculate the yearly and lifetime value of this healing video to you and your family.

Now, let’s talk about the savings in terms of work days and pain relief. Nowadays, even a viral fever takes a week off from your work. Work days lost 5-7 days. Medicine cost extra. Healing Video can heal you in 2-3 days. Work days saved 2-3 minimum. Savings from pain and suffering for 3-4 days extra. That’s just one time. You can calculate the yearly and lifetime savings.

Try it, you have nothing to lose, it’s Free


Why Free?

As per the Divine Law, to charge for healing is a crime against the Holy Spirit, Lord Shiva. Moreover, the Powers & Siddhis are given to be employed in the service of humanity not to profit from them.
But then, nothing is free in Universe, so please pay forward by sharing this video forward. And please do email your testimonies in as much detail with before & after medical tests if possible at

To have this type of healing in the comfort of your home or office is most wonderful. to have it for free is great. Thank you Guru G.

~ Latchman

The healing was awsome and I really felt thrilled. Really amazing sir, you have done it. you are according to the sayings from vivekananda swami “ They only live, who live for others and rest are almost dead rather than alive :.

~ Devdas Rao

How to use it?Guidelines Icon

  • To take healing, play the video and just sit or lie down in front of the healing video. You can also play the healing video in front of the photo of the patient. You can play the video in low volume in front of a sleeping patient or child.
  • You can take or give healing to a stressed person to relieve yourself or your spouse or family, of yours or their daily stress after office or work. It’s like having a healing ATM in your mobile phone.
  • For chronic conditions 3 times a day, for acute conditions 6 times a day, and for extreme cases (where the patient is on bedrest or hospitalised) once every waking hour.
  • Tip: Old & weak people need a lot of healing.
  • It’s the experience of various people that if along with medicines, this healing video is viewed 5-6 times a day in viral fever or any such seasonal diseases, than if a fever takes 4-5 days or more than a week to heal, you will be healthy and well in 2-3 days instead.
  • This video is absolutely safe for kids and pregnant women. And try it on kids, may be you would never have to medicate them with harmful medicines anymore. Because kids have no resistance, they are very receptive, healing is very effective on kids.
  • And also understand that one need not wait for the disease to become acute to start taking or giving healing. You can take a healing even if you have a mild headache or a cold. This healing video can be used as a very effective preventive tool. Moreover, you need not stop your medication for the healing to be effective. One can complement whichever medical system one is following with this healing video to get well sooner than normal.
  • Tip: For normally healthy people, at least once a week healing is recommended for prevention and maintenance of good health and well being.
  • Please do not take a bath or wash your face with water after you take the healing. Leave a gap of at least 3 hours. And watch healing video again after you take a bath.
  • Please know that even if the person viewing this healing video does not know the language spoken in the video, i.e., English or Hindi, but just sits or lies down in front of the video while it is playing, that person will still get healed.
  • You can play this video in front of an ailing person who is unconscious or sleeping, e.g. people who are in hospitals, etc.
    Similarly, for children who might not sit in front of the video when they are awake, parents can play the video in front of them at low volume when they are asleep.
  • Tip: You can also play the healing video in front of the photo of the patient. The healing would be equally effective. So it’s advisable that if some of your loved ones are aversive to alternative forms of healing, you give them healing by putting this video in front of their photo without telling them about this video or that you are giving them healing in this fashion.
  • For some chronic cases, the pain might increase initially for 3-4 days, please continue the healing daily as this indicates that the diseased, dirty and repressed energies are being brought to the outer levels to expel them out of the diseased parts.
  • Please be patient. Acute and chronic conditions require regular healing for sometime (can be days, weeks or months) to receive measurable and lasting results.



Download Dr Amit Jain's Healing Video Now

If for any reason, you are not able to download Dr. Amit Jain’s Healing Video from below, just email us at and we will send you the video by email which you can then download to your mobile phone, tablet, iphone, ipod or laptop.


A solemn appeal

This video can improve the quantity & quality of life of a sick friend, relative or loved one. This video can be life saving. Help us put it on every mobile phone, tablet and laptop out there. Earn good Karma. Share it with your friends, family and acquaintances.



Healing and Medicine are two very different disciplines and the law requires the following disclaimer. The information on this website is not medicine, nor is Dr Amit Jain’s Automated Healing Transmission Video a medicinal tool, but healing and thus does not constitute medical advice. In case of serious illness, please consult the practitioner of your choice.




My first healing session and i feel relaxed and energetic.

Ganesh Nayak



I just want to say thank you:)
for this amazing session of healing! I felt some tingling in my toes and some areas of my body. great energy!

Guest/Anonymous Comment


this is wonderful healing , and every one have to get benefit from it

Harinder Singh Bhalla



it is my first healing session, i feel immense energy going through me, and my base chakra starts revolving anti clockwise, feels relaxed .



It was a wonderful vibrating feeling all through the body.

Every part of my body was getting sensation when you were prompting to Relax that part of the body. It was really nice session.

Thank you so much for gifting such an incredible healing experience to us. We are lucky to have it at the comfort of our home.

With Lots of Gratitude.
Rajesh Pandey


Respected Sir,

I have been taking healings for 4 days now. And the whole experience has been wonderful. Chakras are up for a treat, it seems. I have been feeling very light and very positive since I have started taking these healings. Thank you Sir, its a great tool and the best part is we can connect with you anytime, anywhere. Regards,

Shoneeka G



As the healing started pockets of pain in my body started to dissolve and slowly it seemed that burdens were lifted from my shoulders slowly and slowly. The relief to my body was miraculous.
Each and everyone of us should be advised to go through the healing without fail.
Thanks for the 24 X 7 X 365 days a year healing at our convenience.

S P Bagaria



Respected Sir getting healed by you was miraculous.I am full of energy and feeling blessed.Thankyou very much Sir

Rashmi Kasera


I have always wondered how the phrase “Sau Marzo ki EK Dawa” is possible. My intellectual brain use to deny it as it seems to be impossible..

But now.. I can’t express my joy of getting that permanent medicine of all pains, worries, imbalances and diseases in one click ! and it gives me immense pleasure to prove my intellectual brain wrong.
It was amazing and the energy which I felt was marvelous. I hope that maximum people get the advantage of it. Its not less than once in a lifetime opportunity.

Lata Mittal


Its was an amazing experience and was extremely energetic. You have made my life so simple but I keep my fingers cross as it shall not increase my laziness. Just kidding 🙂
To receive a healing from you 24×7 is not less than a miracle. Thank you so much

Shailee Mittal


Finally i got time to sit alone for few minutes to get healing, and wow it was a miracle to me. The way I was feeling energy in my all chakras and the feeling of getting healed is unexplainable for me. It was like meeting you personally, which i have been missing since a long time. Through this again i felt connected. Thank you for making this happen. Thank you soo soo much.

Karan Kohli