Dr. Amit Jain, spiritual psychologist, alchemist, wellness MD, author of now famous “Zen Kamasutra” and “VastuZen”, the man counted among world’s top energy healers and inventors is not available for personal healing or consultation at any price. But you can benefit from his most powerful invention till date that can propel you to new heights of health, wealth and power by boosting your Inner Energy 1000% (Yes! No exaggeration there), instantly.

What is a truly effective
Health|Wealth|Luck Charm
really worth to your life?

…a radiologist stuck up in an underpaid job in a small hospital for past 7 years, got 4 new offers from top hospitals, with 50% increased pay and promotion

…for one desperate businessman, a property developer, Life Card got him a big stuck up payment due for past one year, in 10 minutes

…another businessman worried over low sales kept Life Card in his Cash Box and soon the business increased 300%

…then there’s the stressed colonel who got rid of his 6 year old knee pain and stress in one day

…for one senior doctor, a debilitating back pain bothering him for past several years vanished in 3 days and now he is walking without his back-belt feeling young again

…one hopeless healer couldn’t believe when just in one week Life Card healed her broken relationship with her husband and saved her marriage

…another healer was dumbfounded when the next morning she couldn’t find 4 cysts out of 6 that were troubling her back head for some time

…then there’s the about to retire govt. officer, worried about his future income, who got a top position offer in a big company at his terms, out of the blue


You could be getting similar or even better results for your business, health, career, relationships, protection from evil eye, relief from geo-biological and work stress by using this truly effective health|wealth|luck – Healing Life Card, the instant power chip. And to see your hopes of Luck, Fortune, Health and Happiness all become reality. Read on for all the details…


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If you need more information, then please read on… but the clock is ticking on this even as you read.

From Dr. Amit Jain:

You won’t believe these findings at first, I know I didn’t. But the facts changed my mind. After 14 years of researching metaphysics and psychic phenomena, I discovered that You and I possess in us, hidden treasures, which You ignore, and that there really are hidden codes and triggers which unlock our abundant inner energy for Success, Health and Happiness. People who really get results have found how to trigger this inner energy, and use it to direct their lives favorably.

Imagine if You could also trigger your inner energy and enhance your luck to attract more Health, Success and Prosperity into your life…
There is no doubt that we are living in one of the most difficult and competitive times ever. The life and people around us are constantly running at ever a faster pace. The technology is evolving at a break-neck speed. Outwardly looking, it looks like we are growing. Inwardly, we are becoming depressed, diseased and stressed.

The cost of all this rush is that we are constantly under stress.
And this stress is taking its toll on not only our health, but on our relationships, on our finances, business, career and on our fighting spirit also. So much so that life has become a constant struggle.

And one result of all this is, too much medication. Almost everybody is on constant medication.
Our immune systems have crashed as a result of this excess medication, stress, food and water which is bereft of health and energy (to make matter worse, most of us can’t do without a microwave oven in our kitchen, which totally destroys all positive energy in our food), hectic lifestyles, targets and deadlines.

Because of this mindless competition, nobody is happy at others’ success.
Envy and jealousy have multiplied more than the mosquitoes in our society. So the negative vibes of others or evil eye as it is called is affecting almost 90% of the people whether they realize it or not.

Is your life going the way you want it to be? Can you deny that you are plagued with stress, unfulfilled desires and lack of recognition in your life?
Aren’t you missing out a fulfilling life feeling trapped in scarcity, stress and stagnation?
Why do you feel so much powerless over your circumstances, when the scriptures say, the Man was made in the image of God? What secret of the Universe made Jesus and Krishna so powerful to be able to do all those Miracles? Can you get that power? How?

Don’t you wish you also had a wish fulfilling Genie a la Aladdin?
Imagine if You also had a Magic Lamp like the one Aladdin had (which triggered his inner Genie) and Swoosh… with a rub of your hand the Genie would come out of your magic lamp to fulfill whatever you desire…
If you were to stop and think what difference such a Genie would make to your life, what would be the first thing you would like the Genie to work on?

To prove what I mean, here are some actual case studies, real testimonies from my files. When you read them, think about the difference a truly effective health|wealth|luck charm would make to your life, health, family, business and career. You may be shocked to discover how much happiness and prosperity you’re actually missing out on.

Solemn Warning: Please don’t buy the Life Card, if you expect miracles happening like this to you so fast. Some of these results even shocked me, the inventor of the Life Card. And frankly I keep on getting amazed at the results people tell me they are getting with their Life Cards even now. To be more accurate, not as much the results, but the speed at which some people get results. But read the case studies closely, there are many cases where fantastic results came, but it was after a few months. Some took 6 months. Life Card is not a magical talisman. Although many times people get miraculous results like above, yet the Life Card works on Natural and Spiritual laws and principles and sometimes they demand patience for the spiritual energies to work out a solution to your problem.

Case Study 1:

Initially it was difficult to say that what effect this card which you call LIFE CARD had on me. Yes, the fatigue and stress that I used to feel earlier was not there any more. But I was waiting for something to happen on the Financial side. Then after three months it happened. You see I am on the verge of retirement and the thought of sitting at home doing nothing and the substantial decrease in Income retirement would mean was making me nervous and tense. Then that day out of the blue this relative of mine who has a big business, called me and offered me the top position in his company along with a fat financial package. What can I say, a miracle?”

– M K Chopra, an IAS Officer from R. K. Puram, New Delhi

Case Study 2:

I wouldn’t have believed it if somebody else had told me this, but it happened to me, so I had to believe it. The first night I put Life Card under my head while sleeping, 4 cysts out of 6 that were at the back of my head just disappeared when I tried to feel them with my hand in the morning. The 2 which were more older are still there although they are becoming smaller and smaller with each day. This thing works so fast. It is just amazing.

– Kanika, a Reiki Healer from Janakpuri, New Delhi

Case Study 3:

It’s not possible!

That’s what was my reaction when Dr. Jain suggested that my relationship problem with my husband can be resolved through the Life Card. My case was totally different. It was not a health problem or a money problem which could be healed by the Life Card’s positive energy. It was that my husband was seeing this other girl, my children’s tutor. He was openly telling me he cannot live without this girl after 10 years of a happy marriage and 2 grown-up kids. I loved my husband and I just could not see him fall for this girl. The thought of losing him made me sick. And here, Dr. Jain was telling me the Life Card can bring back my husband to me and my kids, if I just keep a Life Card over our photograph and ask the Life Card to heal the relationship and cut his links with that girl. I said that’s not possible. Being a Reiki healer, I could feel energy and although I could feel that Life Card was very powerful, yet I had already tried a lot of energetic healing techniques without any result. But, this little voice in my heart kept telling me, it would work. Dr. Jain was quite sure that Life Card is much much powerful and I thought when I have tried so many things why not just try the Life Card also. And then everything else I had tried had no money back guarantee and I lost so much money. But here I had no risk of losing my money. Dr. Jain was standing rock solid behind his 100% money back guarantee. So I decided to go for it.

For a day or two I thought my initial fears were coming true as I could not see much change in my husband’s attitude. But still I had no other hope than the Life Card and so as per Dr. Jain’s instructions I kept on praying on the Life Card.

One week and I was surprised. Yes, I have to admit I could not believe that actually my husband came to me and said that he is sorry and he wants to cut off all relations with this girl. I was dumb for a few minutes. Speechless. Of course, I knew that to keep this positive outcome as it is, I still have to keep on praying on the Life Card for 8-9 weeks more as per Dr. Jain’s instructions. But, this was a miracle. And I thank Dr. Jain and Life Card for saving my marriage and saving me and my kids from going through the trauma of an impending divorce.”  

– Kavita Bansal, a Reiki Healer from Prashant Vihar, New Delhi

Case Study 4:

“I was suffering from this lower back pain for some years. But after I started sitting over the LIFE CARD the pain has not come back until now.”

– Dr. Kapil Gupta, MD, a Doctor from GK I, New Delhi

Case Study 5:

“I have been sitting over this card for just a week now and my 6 year old knee pain has just vanished as if it was never there in the first place. And O boy, I have never felt so energetic and stress free even when I was young.”    

– Col. C. B. Pant, a Retired Army Officer from Dwarka, New Delhi

Case Study 6:

I have been talking to my father, “Is it that our season has started from the day we kept Life Card in our cash box or is it because of Life Card’s power. Whatever, but it is a fact that our Business increased tremendously from the day we have this Card” 

– Prabhat Jain, a Businessman from Mori Gate, Delhi

Case Study 7:

“Life Card’s energy is exceptionally strong. The moment I had it in my hands, I asked for a payment which one of my clients was not giving me for quite some time. To my amazement, in 10 minutes, the client called to say, “When are you sending your person to collect the Money?”. The same night it gave a miraculous healing to my daughter. It is like whatever I pray for from the card, that is happening. I don’t want to part away with this Card at any cost.

– Gaurav Misra, a Property Developer from East Patel Nagar, New Delhi

Case Study 8:

“After a few days of keeping Life Card with me, I could see a dramatic reduction in my stress levels and the general anxieties that I used to have related with my future career prospects. Nothing outwardly had changed but I was now more at peace with myself and my life. Then it started happening. I think it was the sixth month since I had bought and started using the Life Card and the Prosperity Attractor Card. First, a new offer from one of the top hospital chains of India. The position was good but the pay was just 25% more than what I was getting at this small hospital where I was stuck up for the past seven years. I was ecstatic. I had not received this kind of offer for all those years. But I was in for a bigger surprise. That month I ended up with a total of four new offers.  Two from two of the top hospitals of Delhi. And of course I took the best offer with a 50% hike in my pay and a higher position to boot. I don’t know what to say. The doors closed for me for the past seven years opened as if flood gatesof opportunities have been unlocked.” 

– Sameer Malik, a Radiologist  from New Delhi

Now, you can start getting similar or even better results…as early as some of the people above in a few days, or in a few weeks or months like others. And I’ll put my money where my mouth is by fully guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Try the Life Card for a full month. If you are satisfied with the initial improvements, keep it for more to come. If you are not satisfied with the initial results, just ask for a full refund. Read on for more details…

When Modern Scientific Research met Ancient Spiritual Wisdom, the Healing Energy this Union created was more than that of an Atomic Explosion!
And an amazing discovery was made…


This Healing Energy not only has the ability to strikingly reduce pain and accelerate the healing process, but results in a healing explosion on your Aura (the unseen energy body surrounding your physical body), by Triggering the astonishing healing powers of your mind, body and soul.


Discover How This Simple Looking Credit Card Sized Card
Can TRIGGER The Astonishing Healing Powers Of 
Your Mind, Body And Soul

“Pour New Energy in Your Life”

Your Aura Without LIFE CARD

Your Aura With LIFE CARD

Your Aura contains the blueprint of your life and all the areas of your life. Be it health, wealth, career, power or relationships.

Now, it is a PROVEN FACT that there are “hidden energies” in and surrounding the human body. With the advance of modern scientific technology, these energies have been found, mapped and measured at such prestigious places such as Yale University, Stanford Research Institute and McGill University.

The Indian Yogis, the Chinese Acupuncture – all mention a network of energetic Nadis/Meridians surrounding the human body. In Yoga, the major points in this network are called as Chakras.

The knowledge of this unseen energy body has been a well known fact in all ancient cultures and civilizations be it India, Tibet, China, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, Syrian, Greek, Celtic, etc. that there are secret centers in our body. This wisdom is used extensively in their philosophies and healing arts and sciences as in Indian Yoga and Ayurveda Sciences, Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Taoist Yoga and Medicine, Hawaiian Huna Healing, Shamans, Egypt and Greek traditions. Even in Central America and Latin America the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures, their mysteries, pyramids, etc.

 Even the efficacy of this ancient wisdom has been very well seen and felt by millions and millions of people whose lives have been touched by Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese or Tibetan Medicine, Chi Kung and more recently by the wide spread practices of Reiki, Pranic Healing and other various forms of Energy Healing.

The Mystery

Scientists have observed that this Energy body surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and nourishes it. Popularly this Energy Body is known as the AURA.

The scientist, Fritz-Albert Popp, discovered that this energy field is result of the photon or light emissions from the body. And during interaction with fellow beings and living forms, and also natural surroundings, there is an automatic exchange of light emissions.

That can be the explanation of why you feel recharged when inside the Sacred Places or when in the company of a Spiritual Guru.When you go on a pilgrimage to a sacred place like Vaishno Devi, Badrinath, Egyptian Pyramids, Golden Temple, Mecca, Mahavirji or Jerusalem – these places have strong positive Energy fields and they influence your energy field – that is why you feel so good at these sacred places.

The truth is that you are continuously bombarded with Positive and Negative Vibes from many sources:

  • The Most Powerful of this source of continuous Vibes is the Cosmos itself – The Sun, the Moon and the other Planets and Stars. [Which affect each one of us according to the date, time and place of our birth, our HOROSCOPE]

  • The Vibes(Vastu/FENGSHUI) of the place you live and work in.

  • The Vibes of the people around you.

If only there was a way that could transform the negative vibes, and attract more positive vibes to you, you would become master of your life and can trigger your inner energy to attract more prosperity, health and luck into your life.

The Good News is, Now, there is a way…

Life Card’s Strong Positive Energy Field influence your energy field positively and continuously as long as it is with you, to radically turn around your whole life.

This exceptionally Strong Energy field of the Life Card is due to the hidden Power Chip inside it, which trigger your abundant Inner Energy.

“Thank God I had the LIFE CARD with me that day. My Boss whose TMT has recently shown his heart in a bad shape suddenly called me in his cabin as he was feeling palpitations in his heart and was full of nervousness. He just helplessly asked for help. I couldn’t think of anything at the moment and just handed over my LIFE CARD to him. He kept it in his pocket and in the lunch time when he went home for rest he told me that he kept it under him while lying on his bed. At evening in his own words he was feeling healthy, energetic and calm. Of course, I have been feeling energetic myself since I got my LIFE CARD, but seeing this fast effect with my own eyes was something! Even the next day my boss couldn’t stop raving about the LIFE CARD’s beneficial effects on him.”   

– J K Gupta, a Senior Govt. Officer from Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

I don’t know about the sophisticated technology that Dr. Jain says is inside the Life Card but I just love the ISIS photograph on the Life Card cover. And don’t ask me to tell you about the positive benefits the Life Card has brought in my life as they are too many to talk about. I think nobody can justly use Life Card’s full potential. As diverse and difficult are the problems in our modern day to day life, so are the Life Card’s applications. It just can be applied in any problem. Like electricity…”

– Rama Verma, a housewife from Ghaziabad, UP

The Secret Codes of The Universe

You know that there are powerful Symbols, Mantrams and Talismans (Lucky Charms) in almost all the Cultures and Religions of this world.

Like the hieroglyphs in the Egyptian Pyramids, the Christian Cross and the Sri Yantra of Hindus.

But what is not known to the general people is that why these symbols are powerful, and that what is popularly known, is just the surface scratch, there are many more powerful codes that are never revealed to the general people.

For example, the hieroglyphs in the pyramids hide behind them a great power. The modern scientists think that they have decoded the hieroglyphs but they don’t even know the real meaning of these sacred hieroglyphs in the Pyramids. Still we all can  feel, there is great power in the pyramids.

Most of us recognize the existence of some Universal Force or energy. Some call it “nature”; some use the word “God”, “spiritual energy” or “cosmic energy”.

Spiritual Healers have been using this Spiritual Energy for healing people from time immemorial. The most famous example being Lord Jesus Christ himself and don’t forget ancient Indian yogis and rishis. 

LIFE CARD is the Master Key that unlocks the floodgates of this Universal
force to attract more Power, Health and Luck into our lives.  

To achieve the fast amazing results so many users are raving about, LIFE CARD incorporates some great scientific discoveries of famous scientists like Nikola Tesla, a secret group of Russian Mathematicians and Physicists, and Modern Research in Physics and Energy Medicine.

It is this combination of Science and Spirituality which makes LIFE CARD the Master Key that transforms the negative vibes from the Cosmos, from the Vastu of your dwelling and fellow people. And also it attracts more positive energy to you from the Cosmos triggering the astonishing healing powers of your mind, body and soul.

In fact, LIFE CARD pacifies all the Planets in your horoscope and energizes Your Aura and Mind with so much Clarity and Power, to be able to take right Actions, and hence make Your own Destiny. 

 Although the Life Card looks simple, but the quantum technologies incorporated inside it has given it powers to continuously recharge itself for as long as it is not destroyed or the inside of it fiddled with.

You may call it a Supercharged Talisman or a powerful Good Luck Charm, although it is much more than that. 

But How can One Card Heal all the diverse Aspects of Your Life?

As mentioned earlier, the major points on the network of meridians or nadis are called Chakras. Indian Yoga has detailed 7 main chakras.

Now, each of these chakras or secret centers govern different aspects of our life. For example, the Basic Chakra which is at the root of the spinal chord controls our money potential and the will to live.

Of course, it is not so simple like that and it is a complex interaction of different chakras which in the final analysis gives the results  we get in different aspects of our life.

If all the chakras are balanced and work harmoniously then we will have harmony and well being in all the aspects of our life be it Money, Career, Health or relationships. But usually we find in modern times our life is very much imbalanced which is reflected in the aura in terms of imbalanced chakras.

Life Card’s powerful Energy field makes its holder’s Aura super energized and aligns all the Chakras, thus balancing the aura. Triggering the astonishing healing powers of your mind, body and soul to heal any aspect of your life that needs healing.

The self healing forces are activated. Each living organism is in position to pick out of the “menu” the right kind and quality of information to be needed, and react with relaxation and welfare. The moment LIFE CARD comes in contact with something, it starts to improve whatever can be improved in that thing. So, every living system in contact with the LIFE CARD optimizes it’s functions and begin to work on a higher level.

“When I read about Life Card, I thought – Is it possible? A card capable of doing all these things! But then another thought came to my mind that said, look Harmesh, how much money you have spent in past so many years on different therapies and doctors which gave no relief at all. And otherwise too you would spend money on this thing or that thing. Why not try it? If this card didn’t work, you risk nothing. But if it did work or do whatever they say it does then you lose too much. Today, I thank God that I listened to my inner voice that day and ordered the Life Card. My back pain has gone. I am roaming around without my back-belt. Although its hard to believe. I am over 60. And this back pain had been with me for over 8 years now. Day by day I am feeling overall improvement in my health and my life.”

– Dr. Harmesh Saxena, Saket, New Delhi

“There were all kinds of negative forces around me, my family and a lot of what is called evil eye in my office from my competitors. I purchased the Life Card and kept it with me. I am amazed how quickly the negativity and stress I was suffering from has just gone away. The office energies have become lighter and my business has picked up since then.”

– Rajkumar, a Silver Merchant from Karol Bagh, New Delhi 

“Every time my son used to eat ice-creams or chocolates, he used to get this throat infection and then for a month or so, we had to prohibit him from eating any ice-creams or chocolates. Every time we had to tell him, no Ankur, your throat is bad. He used to feel so bad as he is so fond of ice-creams and chocolates. Which kid is not for that matter! I was sceptic, how Life Card would help in this situation. But from the day we kept a Life Card with Ankur and prayed for his health, his throat improved. And very importantly for him, from that day as we started putting all ice-creams, chocolates and of course whatever we drink or eat on the Life Card before eating or drinking, his throat infection has gone down almost 60-70%. Last summer, he had ice-creams almost on alternate days, while the previous summer when we didn’t had the Life Card, he must have had a total of 5-6 ice-creams, the whole summer. Now, sometimes I forget to keep a chocolate or ice-cream on the Life Card before giving it to him for eating, Ankur never does and always ask me, did you keep it on the Life Card mom?”

– Pummy Chopra, a mother from Dwarka, New Delhi

“My wife’s blood count went below 40,000 and she almost collapsed. She was immediately taken to a hospital for dengue treatment. On the way I prayed to the Life Card to save my wife. And to our joy, she recovered very fast within 5 days without needing a blood transfusion.”

– Amit Mahajan, Marketing Manager in an Automobile Company, Delhi 

Key Benefits of the LIFE CARD

Here is the power of the Life Card, the Instant Power Chip you would hate to part with:

 Trigger your body’s own natural healing powers for optimum health: Millions have been cured by the Miracle Divine Powers of spiritual healers! Now they are available to you in the Life Card to use instantly in your own homes for a longer, wealthier and healthier life for you and your family.

Increase your prosperity magnetism: by more than 500%. Life Card magnetizes your Aura for prosperity, success and wealth. So you attract prosperity and success by the working of the Universal Law of Attraction. LUCK favors the one whose Aura is positively charged. That is what Life Card does to You, when you have it with you

Propel your career to new heights: Universe is abundant. But most of us suffer from scarcity mentality. Only when you unlock your inner energy and connect it to the abundant, infinite powers of the Cosmos, you start receiving abundance in your life. Closed doors start opening. New opportunities start knocking your door. Trigger your inner energy with the Life Card and propel your career to new heights.

Solve business problems: Any business problem can be solved. Put the Life Card’s powerful positive energies to work for you and your business. Re-energize your business.

Cures Vastu and Feng Shui defects: The Vastu and Feng Shui defects in your home, office and shop affect Your health, wealth and happiness by affecting your Aura and Chakras. If you have Life Card with you, the Vastu and Feng Shui defects in your home, office and shop would not have any negative effect on your Aura and Chakras. To permanently cure these defects in your home/office/shop read VastuZen ebook available for Free download on this site.

Protection from negative vibes and energetic contamination: Today people are less unhappy by their failure, but they are more unhappy at other’s success. All negative vibes and psychic attacks against you can be neutralized by praying on the Life Card. Psychics know that the evil and negative thoughts of people around us affect us tremendously. Life Card will protect you from all negative vibes sent to you by others.

Say bye-bye to stress: So many homes have become houses bereft of Harmony and Love because of the Office Stress brought home by the husbands and/or wives. Imagine You reach home every evening fully recharged and fresh ! Because You just sat on a small credit card sized card while driving home.

Harmonize your relationships: Heal your love life. With Life Card the possibilities are limitless. Any relationship problem can be healed. Because tension, resentments and hate are also types of energies within us. By transforming these negative emotions Life Card’s powerful energies will open closed hearts and put positivity and love back in the aura. Thus, bringing the relationship back to harmony.

Get the benefits of meditation without meditating: Are you unable to get the powerful health, de-stressing and balancing benefits of meditation due to lack of time and low energy? Meditate on the go. And if you are already practicing meditation, Life Card would help you to meditate more deeply, more effortlessly. Moreover, it will awaken your chakras for fast spiritual growth and supercharge your intuition.

Save yourself from geo-biological stress: There are some natural zones of geo-biological stress around us. This has been very well researched by some modern scientists and doctors. Many researches in Germany and other parts of Europe give conclusive evidence that one of the main causes of Cancer (and also some other deathly diseases) is the patient’s bed being in the geo-biological stress area. So a very important help you would do to a cancer patient is to relocate his/her bed in some other area of the home. Then there is the man-made Electro-Magnetic Pollution and Radiation from different electrical appliances, which also affect your health adversely. A person who has the Life Card with him/her gets protected from both the geo-biological stress and electro-magnetic radiations.

Add vitality and life to your food and water: What we eat and drink affects our mind, body and spirit. The more your food and water is filled with positive energy, the more positive energy your mind, body and spirit has. Nowadays, we people are very much concerned about the purity of our water and food. But we forget that even distilled water is pure, but is it healthy? No. It is dead water. Similarly RO water can also be pure but it is not healthy. Because it does not have any positive energy in it. We all know some of the miraculous healing properties of water at some sacred sites like the Ganges water before we polluted it. Life Card’s powerful divine energies make any water become blessed and healthy water in less than 2 minutes. Just put the card under or over a glass or container of water. 
And Life Card has the same effect on any food item, even the dead and harmful Microwaved food (Microwave Ovens were banned in Russia at one time because of their well known harmful effects on the food items.). Imagine how many illnesses can be avoided if we get healthy food and water anywhere we go, even at restaurants or parties. Just take out your Life Card from your pocket and put it under any food item for a minute and half, and you have health assured. What more you can be assured that your kids get positive energy even from their chocolates, ice-creams and chips (You and I cannot ban them from enjoying the fast food anyway!). At least we can save them from getting the harmful effects of the fast food items on their mind, body and spirit. Not only that, it also transforms the side-effects producing energies from your medicines and cooking oil. And infuse them with positive energy.

Trigger your inner energy to get what you want: Life Card’s powerful energy field makes its holder’s aura so pure and powerful, that whatever that person focus on can be made to happen, just by the thought power or praying on the card. Of course, it has to be non-detrimental to others. After you purchase the card, you receive full instructions how to get what you want. This has been proven through individual tests done by several people. Now you can do more than merely dream about success.


“I used to feel stressed and fatigued before, but since I have got the Life Card, I have been so fresh and energetic through out the day. It’s amazing.”

– Vikas Modi, a Corporate Executive from Gurgaon

“I never slept so peacefully in years.”

– Usha, a 55 year old patient of Heart Disease and Diabetes from Janakpuri, New Delhi
(The patient was very weak but after she had the Card with her, even her relatives were surprised to see her changed strong appearance – A comment from her Healer)

“I still feel it is my imagination, but I do feel an improvement in taste in water and food items after they have been put on the Life Card for just 1½-2 minutes.”

– Venkat Murthi, a Reiki Healer from Noida

“The moment you put the Life Card on any part of your body which has pain, in a matter of 2 minutes your pain is gone. I don’t understand how, but it works.”

– Shiela, a Housewife from Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

Who will tell you how to use, what to do and what not after you purchase the card? 

Life Card is very easy to use. You just put it in your pocket, purse, your photo or on the area needing the healing. More instructions are given in the Life Card pack. And then there is this special secret support website which has a wealth of information and instructions only for the Life Card users. Of course, you can email us anytime on the exclusive support email address available to all Life Card users.


Are there any side-effects of the Life Card? 
No! But yes, some people do feel the movement of energies in their bodies when first they come into contact with the Life Card. This is a natural process. If there is lot of imbalance in some parts of the aura/body, some uneasiness is felt there initially. But as the healing takes place the uneasiness goes away. This is a temporary attuning phase, as you would be coming in contact with powerful cosmic energies. Of course, it helps if when you first receive the Life Card, you sit down with the Life Card between your both palms, relax and feel your energies. This will attune you to the higher frequency energies of the Life Card.


How do You know this is not another Internet or Psychic Scam?

Yes, I know in the spiritual field, there are more charlatans than authentic people. Charlatans who take advantage of the people who give them their faith. Charlatans who take advantage of the ignorance of the innocent people. And may be in the past you might have been bitten by one of them. This is the worst that the Charlatans do. One can earn the money lost, but the faith is hard to come again. And because of them one becomes skeptic and often loses the good that could have been his or her if only he or she would have the discernment like the Swan to separate the milk from the water. That is why if you are asking yourself…

But What if Life Card could not Help You?

The experience of so many users and our research shows that Life Card instantly energizes people’s aura and hence start working to improve the diverse aspects of a person’s life as soon as it comes into contact with that person.

Most people get the desired results very soon, some got it after 3-4 months, a few got it in 7-8 months. But there was no one and I repeat no one who didn’t feel improvement in their lives as short as within a week.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You may have tried so many other things that couldn’t give any result? And I bet nobody gave you any Money Back Guarantee! But here you have almost no risk. You can try LIFE CARD for a full month and if you don’t feel any improvement in your life, please return it to us in good condition and your whole 100% Money investment in the Life Card will be promptly refunded without any questions.

Here is a very special, time-bound offer!
Buy 1 Life Card and get 1 “Prosperity Attractor Card” at 75% discount. 

Although the Life Card itself acts as a prosperity attractor card but this special Prosperity Attractor Card has a much powerful prosperity chip. You can keep it in your purse, locker, cash boxes or on your business (visiting) card.

“Before I had the Prosperity Attractor Card, I was feeling very stagnant in my career. But, today I am having difficulties in deciding which new offer to accept and which not. Its like somebody unlocked a flood of opportunities for me.”

– Sunil Bhatnagar, a Call Centre Executive from Pitampura  

And as a Special Bonus I will add 1 more Life Card FREE.

The Biggest Three Reasons Why You Should Act Immediately On This Offer

Reason 1) Results that you can feel almost instantly
Life Card is extremely simple to use but a sophisticated tool that TRIGGERS the astonishing healing powers of your mind, body and soul.

It is a truly effective health| wealth| luck charm. For this reason and this reason alone, you should get it. For yourself and your family.

Reason 2) You’ve got nothing to lose!
It costs less than a fancy meal at a restaurant yet has the potential to unlock your ability to improve your health, relationships and money! This is one investment you want to make for yourself and as quickly as possible!

It’s also guaranteed! One hundred percent! You don’t like it, just ask for your money back. We have a 30 days money-back guarantee! Yes I know it sounds incredible but I want you to know that I really stand behind this offer.  

Reason 3)  When I first sold this combination…
I sold it to my dearest students. Some of them had been with me for over 10 years. I sold it to them for a whopping 55% off the price.

Now it’s 50% off and still a very, very good deal but it’s not going to stay that way for long. Soon it will only be available at FULL PRICE. Procrastination will not only cost you in terms of the benefits lost but it will also cost because this price will go even higher. Why pay more when you can use the power (the power to be more healthy, to earn more and to be more in peace) right away? If you want to take advantage of this offer do it now!

Ok, here’s my offer…

Buy Now

This will give you more that 50% off your purchase
Health|Wealth|Luck Charm Special Offers

Health|Wealth|Luck Charm


Prosperity Attractor Card

1 Life Card Instant Power Chip


 1 Bonus Life Card Instant Power Chip


Prosperity Attractor Card worth $150 (Rs 10,500)

Actual Price

$ 225 (INR 15,500)
$ 600 (INR 42,000)

Limited Period Discounted offer (SAVE more than 50%)

In US Dollars

$ 109.99
$ 155.99

Only for Indian Residents
(in Indian Rupees)

₹ 6,399/-
₹ 9,099/-

Pay Safely With Many Options “Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm, Bank Transfer, Paypal”

What will happen once you click the button: You will be taken to a secure page where you can fill in your credit card details. This will be verified instantly and Your LIFE CARD and Bonuses will be dispatched in 1-2 working days through Courier. If you pay by Cheque/DD you will be taken to the page where you get the details where to send your cheque/DD. In this case also Your LIFE CARD and Bonuses will be dispatched in 1-2 working days through Courier after receipt of your Cheque/DD.


If the system doesn’t accept your credit card or if you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. I’d be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential.

Email: cosmiccare@gmail.com

Dr. Amit JainSpiritual Psychologist, Wellness MD & Alchemist

Director, CFEL: World Center for Enlightened Living 

P.S. Remember, it costs less than a fancy meal at a restaurant yet has the potential to unlock your ability to improve your health, relationships and money! This is one investment you want to make for yourself and as quickly as possible! Consider this…

  • Cost of a Spiritual/Reiki/Energy Healing Session = = $ 50/-. Monthly Cost = $ 50/- x 30 = $ 1,500/-
  • Cost of Vastu and Feng Shui Analysis and Correction done on Your Home = $ 2,000/- x 2 (same for your office/shop) = $ 4,000 + Cost of Demolitions
  • Cost of Healthy energized food and water 24×7 = priceless

Let’s add up $1,500 + $4,000 + — = $ 5,500 +

Of course, we have taken only one month Healing session cost, while Life Card would keep on healing you for a lifetime.
What’s more, usually LIFE CARD finances itself, by increasing Your Prosperity within a short period of time, the value of which cannot be calculated.
All the benefits. NO RISK. How good is that? Do what is best for you and click here.

 Email: cosmiccare@gmail.com

Healing and Medicine are two very different disciplines and the law requires the following disclaimer. The information on this website is not medicine, nor is Life Card a medicinal tool, but healing and thus does not constitute medical advice. In case of serious illness, please consult the practitioner of your choice.