The Power to manifest things or the power to get what you want, or the power to make happen what you want to happen is called


What it means is that the Purity has Power and that is the Secret none of the Mind Power or Mind Control Course Teachers know.

Now all books promoting Positive Thought, Mind Power or Thought Power miss the fundamental principle why Positive Thought or Visualization of the desired Outcome or Goal works. Let me reveal this well guarded secret principle to You today:

“Energy follows Thought. And all Matter is Condensed Energy. Albert Einstein proved that all matter is controlled by energy (e=mc2).”

Thus, to materialize any thought, enough Energy or Power is needed. So if You have enough Energy, you can get what you want by just thinking about it. But Power or Energy comes with Purity.

And why in today’s world there are so few Mind Magicians, because think how many people in these modern times of Stress have Purity?

Life Card’s powerful Energy field makes its holder’s aura so Pure and Powerful, that whatever that person want can be materialized, just by praying on the card.

This has been proven through individual tests done by several people.

Yes, it takes time. And this time differs from person to person according to their own individual auras and vibes. Because, when you repeatedly pray for something with enough energy (which you get from Life Card) and time, you can manifest almost any positive desire or thought.

So, please be patient and keep on praying daily as per the usage instructions, until what you want happens. Sometimes your wishes will materialize very quickly, sometimes it may take some time.

Of course, please do not try to harm anybody, nor harm the free will of any person, it will come back to you many many times as per the Law of Karma. Use the Life Card only for the good of you and others.

Moreover, any project can be energized by putting a Life Card over it. You can also energize Your Business by putting a Life Card over your Business Name. For example, you can put a Life Card over your Visiting Card which carry your Business Name. Don’t believe me, Try it for yourself !

Now you can do more than merely dream about success.

To your health, success and prosperity…


Unlock Your Psychic Powers to Get What You Want …

by Dr Amit Jain