Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall open

When you go to a temple, mosque or church; that temple, mosque or church may be the most powerful divine place on earth, but you can only receive that much energy, that you – the vessel can retain. It’s like the Ganges or any other sacred river may be in front of you, but you can only take that much water that your vessel can retain. Life Card expands your vessel.

Jesus Christ said, “Ask and you shall receive”, “Knock and it shall open.” But still the masses do not understand the deep meaning.

Here, Lord Jesus Christ has revealed the art and science of prayer. How simple it is, “Ask and you shall receive.”

But still, for most of us, we keep asking, and nine out of ten nothing happens. What’s the problem here? Why are our prayers not being answered?

The truth of the matter is that our connection with God, our Father (who are in heaven) is so weak, our spiritual level is so low that our prayers do not have enough energy.

It’s simple science which Einstein proved- E=MC2. If there would be no energy there would be no mass. How would that prayer materialize? How would that prayer reach the Doors of Heaven if it does not have enough energy?

It all depends on the energy of the prayer. So if Lord Jesus Christ would pray or if Lord Rama would pray, or a common man would pray, it would not be the same, because Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Rama, they have energy. Their prayers have power.

Each of us, all the human beings on this planet, we are connected to our Father (who are in heaven) through a spiritual cord, through an energetic chord extending from the centre of our head to our Father (who are in heaven). In common people this cord is as thin as a common thread. In Christian traditions we read about the Saints with pillars of light over their head. This pillar of light is their spiritual cord.

So the Saints are Saints because their connection with their God is as thick as a pillar of light, whereas a common  person is a common person because his spiritual cord is as thin as a thread.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is you need a prayer energizer. If you want your prayers to be answered more quickly and more definitely, then you need a prayer energizer.

Now, Life Card is an excellent prayer energizer. The moment somebody takes a Life Card in his or her hands, Life Card amplifies his or her spiritual cord a thousand times and when a prayer is made in a proper way, in this amplified condition the prayer has a thousand times more energy than when it is done without a Life Card.

Your Aura Without LIFE CARD

Your Aura With LIFE CARD

Life Card – Prayer Energizer – Divine Power in Your Hands 

Put life into your prayers, Materialize Your Prayers Now. 

That is why Life Card is the most powerful talisman in the world. A truly effective health|wealth|luck charm.

To your health, success and prosperity…


The Art and Science of Prayer

by Dr Amit Jain