Energies are all around us.

Look around you. You are surrounded with Energy – Cosmic Energy, Solar Energy, Electro-magnetic

Waves from Electric Poles and Electric Appliances, Cell phones and Towers, Microwaves, Lasers,

X-rays, geo-magnetic energies, Natural light, artificial lights, sound, color etc..

Einstein proved E=MC2. That proved that energy affects matter. Thus we can conclude beyond doubt that these energies affect us and our living spaces profoundly.

When these energies are harmonious and balanced they affect us positively, when they are unbalanced they affect us and our lives negatively.

The ancient art and science of Vastu in India and Feng Shui in China when applied properly bring this balance and harmony back to our living spaces – our homes and offices and to our lives.

The Difference between Living in a House with a Positive Vastu and a House with a Negative Vastu is just Simply This….

      In the first, The Residents are Cruising along on an

      Escalator which is going up.  Whereas, in the Second,

      the Residents are trying to go up on an Escalator

      which is going down.

      Same applies to Workplaces – Shops and Offices.

      So in simple terms, the difference is in being Lucky or

      having to work hard even for small things in life.

This blog section – Harmony & Balance is for those who Wish to make their lives easier and Open the doors of Luck and Fortune in their Lives….

But beware of those experts  which try to position Vastu or Feng Shui as a panacea for all ills. There are other factors of success also. Feng Shui is one of the factors.

As per the ancient Chinese wisdom, a person has 3 Lucks which affect his/her life :

  1. Heaven Luck (destiny):  Luck that is given to him/her. Your destiny determined by the day, time and place of birth.
  2. Earth Luck (home and surroundings): The luck from your house and surroundings. The Vastu and Feng Shui of the place we live in and work from.
  3. Human Luck (character): This refers to the personal characteristics of a person’s character and deeds such as honesty, kindness, helpfulness, charitable, hard work, forgiveness, religious and other positive traits.

So the heaven luck is just the 33.33% which you bring in, but the rest 66.67% is in your hands.

Now, what we are talking about here relates to Earth Luck (home and surroundings).

First things First

Our ancestors wisely said that half-knowledge is more harmful and dangerous than having no knowledge at all about a subject.

There are so many Myths and misconceptions about Vastu and Feng Shui that without First clearing this mist, You won’t be able to see the Truth ~

Myth: Keeping a Laughing Buddha or 3-legged Frog in My Home/Office will change my fortunes!

As in a Meal – there is a Main Course, there is Soup and Side dishes and there is Sweet Dish.

Now, we can have a meal without a soup. We can also have a meal without the Side dish. We can also have a Meal without a Sweet Dish. But a Meal without the Main Course wont fill our stomach.

Similarly while looking at the Vastu of a place – there is the main layout of the place which is the main significator of the energies of that place – the Main Course. And then there are the placing of the objects within the main layout of that place which is like the sweet dish, soup and side dishes.

There are certain things which affect the Vastu of a place profoundly and certain things which affect only secondarily.

But most of the time 95% of us lay too much emphasis on the secondary factors which affect the harmony, wealth, health and luck potential of the place and its habitants by only 30%.

While overlooking the Main 70% affectors.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at the Main significators which affect the wealth, health, harmony and luck potential of a house or office by 70% :

In feng shui, the house is symbolic of the person.

The Main Door is the mouth, the rooms on either side of the main door are the lungs, the center is the heart, the back door is the anus, the roof is the head, the windows are the eyes, and so forth.

It is a fact that Sun only rises in the East.

And, the orientation of the natural magnetism of the poles of our planet is aligned North-south.

What it signifies is that both these natural factors affect the geo-magnetic vibes of a place.

Indian ancient wisdom tells us that all the directions are governed by different deities, each having its own nature, role and significance.

E – East is governed by – Lord Indra, the King of the Gods

N – North is governed by – Kubera, the Treasurer of the Gods

W- West is governed by – Varuna, the Rain God

S – South is governed by – Yama, the Executioner

NE – North-East is governed by – Soma, the Elixir of Life

SE – South-East is governed by – Agni, the Fire God

NW- North-West is governed by – Vayu, the Wind God

SW- South-West is governed by – Nirtti, the God of demons

Now, this is the most important factor affecting the energies of your whole house or workplace, so pay attention here:

  • Your Front Door, the one which is the most used for coming in or going out of the house is the Mouth of your house. Naturally and logically your house eats from its mouth. As we need food and energy to survive, a house also needs energy too. And what it eats depends on which direction it faces. We can move around, but unfortunately a house cannot. And so it can only take energy from the direction its mouth faces.

  • Out of the 8 directions, 3 are governed by the Regents of strong Elements: NW – Air, SE – Fire and W – Water. If your house faces them, you will have some of the values of these elements but along with that the harshness of these elements also.

  • 2 directions are governed by Furious Deities: S – Lord Yama and SW – Lord of DemonsOf course, you don’t want to face their music by facing them.

  • The remaining 3 directions are governed by Favorable deities whose favors we all seek: E – Lord Indra, the King himself, N – Kubera, the Keeper of the Heavenly Fortunes and NE – Elixir of Life. Now, who would want to turn their back on these deities and be bereft of their benevolent energies!

  • Conclusion : To invite Prosperous, Healthy and Benevolent energies into your lives, Your Front Door must face either of these 3 directions – E, N or NE.

Now if You are born lucky and Your Home and Office Front Door faces E, N or NE, you are fortunate.

But if Your Home and Office Front Door do not face these directions – then by all means if it is practically feasible, even at the cost of relocating your Main Door, make it face any of these 3 directions E, N or NE.

Now, what if it is not practically feasible to relocate your Main Door? And you are continuously facing the fury of either of the 3 elements Or the music of either of the 2 ferocious deities! Hmm..

  • If Your Front Door faces SouthEast or NorthWest then you are in a catch twenty situation where you have some benefits and some disadvantages.

[Pasting one LIFE CARD on the inside wall facing your Main Door to attract only Positive and Prosperous Energies and deflect back the furious energies will correct this defect]

  • If Your Front Door faces West, South or SouthWest then there are 2 things You should do to correct this Vastu defect in your Home or Office:

1. Place a Convex Mirror also called the Pregnant Mirror directly facing your Front Door on the inside wall facing your Main Door. Paste a WHITE ARMOR on the upper side of the Mirror. This will block the Furious Energies coming from these directions inside your home or office.

2. Place Concave Mirrors on the South and West walls just 2-3 feet below the ceiling. The Mirrors should be angularly tilted downwards approx. 30 degrees. The exact location of the Mirrors where they have to be placed on the South and West Walls is the South-North axis of the house for the South Wall position and the West-East axis of the house for the West wall position. Paste a LIFE CARD on the lower side of each Mirror. This will attract Prosperous and Healthy positive Energies from the East and North and due to the angular tilt of the Mirrors keep them flowing throughout your home or office.

Some Other Important Considerations regarding the Main Door:

  1. Do not put anything directly in front of your Main Door – neither inside nor outside. The flow of energies into your home or office would be blocked. This would amount to obstacles in your life. Even plants placed just outside or inside the Front Door will hamper the free flow of energies. If we open the door everyday and there is a wall or tree right in front of it, we are constantly confronting an obstruction. Generally speaking, this blockage can create a mental stagnation inducing things in our life occur likewise. In metaphor, it is hard to take in energy when something is blocking your mouth. Whether or not we are aware of this, it affects our subconscious and instinctual mind.
  2. In some places, this is a widespread practice of keeping your dustbin in front or side of your Front Door. This is Hara-kiri. Do not dirty the energies that are entering your house. It is like keeping the dustbin in front of your mouth.
  3. Your Nameplate either at your home or office should be placed at a height more than that of the tallest person in your home or office.
  4. You may place a Ganesha (the Indian God with an Elephant head) statue or wall-hanging on the inside wall facing your Main Door. A LIFE CARD would be the most auspicious welcome sign for the Good and Prosperous Energies and a very powerful Protection against Negative Energies.
  5. A small Bell on the outside of the Front Door is considered auspicious. So is 3 old Chinese Coins, with a square hole in the centre tied with a Red ribbon, hanged on the inside handle of the Main Door.
  6. A 3-legged Frog with a Chinese Coin in its mouth, sitting over a lot of Gold coins is considered auspicious if placed at the entrance of your house facing inside, as if the frog has just entered your house.
  7. So is a miniature Ship loaded with artificial treasure, if placed inside in the front lobby or room, as if it has just entered into the house.
  8. Similarly, a painting of running horses on a wall in the front lobby or room in a direction that it looks as if the horses are entering in the home or office.
  9. Never place any sharp object pointing towards your Front Door on the inside wall facing the Main Door.
  10. Check that nothing sharp is pointing towards your Main Door from the outside. Even an electric pole in front of the Main Door can act as an obstruction.

After the Main Door, the Next Important Consideration regarding the Vastu of a place is the Slope of the floor:

  1. The Floor should slope towards East or North.
  2. If it is sloping towards South or West [Or if there is a boring/tube-well/under-ground tank in S, W, SW or SE] then it can be corrected by placing Concave Mirror on the South or West walls, just 2-3 feet below the ceiling. The Mirror should be angularly tilted downwards approx. 30 degrees. The exact location of the Mirror where they have to be placed on the South or West Walls is the South-North axis of the house for the South Wall position and the West-East axis of the house for the West wall position. Paste a LIFE CARD on the lower side of the Mirror.


Now, if you will just take care of the above, you would have taken care of the 70% of your Earth Luck. It’s so important that I implore you to get this done asap.

I have seen how people living in apartments, whose Main Doors face each other, differ in their fortunes just because one flat’s Main Door is facing North-East and the other’s South-West. The people living with a North-East Main Door have been all healthy, prosperous, having harmonious relationships and careers. While the people living next door having South-West Main Doors living a miserable financial and family life. This is my observation and experience.

So, just go ahead and apply the above wisdom and see your Earth Luck increasing in no time.

To your health, success and happiness….


How Unseen Energies In Your Home And Office Play H…

by Dr Amit Jain