The 8 Life Aspirations in Feng Shui

As per Directional Feng Shui school, the 8 cardinal directions have been assigned the 8 important life aspirations or areas of human life. They are : 

N – North            – Career/Business/Life Purpose

NE-North-East    – Knowledge/Wisdom/Self-Cultivation/Spirituality

E – East               – Family/Heritage/Health/Growth

SE-South-East    – Wealth/Abundance/Prosperity/Finance

S – South             – Fame/Reputation/Acknowledgement

SW-South-West – Love/Marriage/Relationships/Partnerships

W- West              – Children/Creativity

NW-North-West – Helpful People/Mentors/Travel

CENTER               – Health/Harmony/Well Being

We will just see in a minute how we can use this information to solve our teething problems related to Health, Career or Relationships and enhance these life areas.

A simple way to find the different areas in your house/office is to print the Bagua given above and place it over your house/office/room layout matching the directions.

And mark out the Aspirations on your house/office/room layout.

Now lets see how we put this knowledge/wisdom to improve our life and to fill any missing area or strengthen a weak area :

First of all, be clear which area of your life needs your attention right now. Or in other words, what is the most painful thorn in your life right now.

It can be poor Health, Love/Marriage or relationships issues, Career/Business problems, Scarcity/Financial problems, Lack of acknowledgement for your labor, children/creativity issues, lack of mentors or network, family trouble, etc. 

Match your problem with the particular Aspiration. It might involve more than one Aspiration.

For example, if your business is in trouble because of lack of financial support. So in that case, you will work on both the aspirations. 

Next look in the Bagua which direction that aspiration falls in your home, your office, your bedroom and your living room/drawing room.

For example, in our previous example, we have to look for Wealth and Career aspirations which will fall on SE and N directions respectively. So we will work on these two directions in our home, our office, our bedroom, our room in the office and our living room/drawing room.

Understand that Feng Shui works on the energy level and because of that it works on the Macro level i.e., the house and also the Micro level which will be for the house, the rooms.

And also that Feng Shui works on the mental level through the Symbols.

The Symbols impact our subconscious mind, they invoke memories from our past and stimulate our present experiences.

The art and science of symbolism plays an important role in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui works with 2 important principles:

To change the results you are getting in any area of your life, you have to change the vibration of

the corresponding area shown in the bagua in your home and office.

Changing the vibration of an area involves a 2 step process –

  • Cleansing ~ Cleansing the area ~ Removing the clutter

  • Energizing ~ Energizing the area ~ Adding symbols/cures

First cleansing the area of old vibrations represented by clutter, the things no longer in use or those that are not needed now. Without this cleansing, putting symbols won’t be so effective.

Whereas, even just cleansing is sometimes very powerful in changing the vibrations of that area.

Missing/Truncated Areas in your Home/Office:

If some area of your office or home is missing as happens so many times in case of flats, then usually you will find that particular aspect/aspiration of your life to be unfulfilled or weak. 

This can be corrected by pasting a LIFE CARD on the inner wall which cuts off that area.

For N-Career and SE-Wealth areas, a Prosperity Attractor Card will also cure this defect. 

You can enhance and energize the respective areas of your bed-room, drawing/living room and main office, which are missing from your home/office to further strengthen those areas of your life.

Let us see how you can energize the different areas of your home and office:

To energize any area of your home/office, you have to consider 2 things.

=> First, the symbols related to the aspiration of that area

=> Secondly, the element according to the 5 element concept of the Chinese which energizes that area. The Chinese believe that the universe came into being from the five primordial elements. The Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth. There are two basic relationships which you need to understand:

1. The Productive Cycle

    • Metal produces Water
    • Water produces Wood
    • Wood produces Fire
    • Fire produces Earth
    • Earth produces Metal

2. The Destructive Cycle

    • Metal destroys Wood
    • Wood destroys Earth
    • Earth destroys Water
    • Water destroys Fire
    • Fire destroys Metal




Destructed by

Supported by







Blue, Grey, Black






Yellow, Earth hues




Big Wood



Green, Blue



Small Wood



Green, Brown









Big Earth



Yellow, Earth hues



Small Metal



White, Metallic



Big Metal



White, Metallic

So the trick is, to place the symbols related to the aspiration made of the element related to that area and direction or of the element which supports that element, in the color related to that area. E.g., for enhancing your Career, you may put a Tortoise which is the symbol for Career success, made of metal in the North of your home and office. The colors of the supporting element can also be used. To activate water element in the North you may put a small fountain or water fall painting. 

Do not overdo things. Balance is essential in Feng Shui. So if you would put a large fountain in your North, it may symbolically drown you. And one more thing, do not put a fountain or water fall painting in your bedroom as its vibration will disturb your sleep.

Here is another table showing how you can energize each element :


Energize with


Fabrics in blue, grey, black leather and blue paintings e.g. sea scenes and waterfalls, small fountains, aquariums


Pottery, clay items or yellow fabrics or yellow paints and painting


Plants, wooden furniture and wooden objects.


More warm colors, light and heating


Metallic objects like chrome, stainless steel, decorative bronze and silver and any other metal objects.

Let us see some specific symbols used in Feng Shui to energize the different areas of your home and office apart from the use and balance of elements:

I. N – North       Career/Business/Life Purpose

  • As mentioned earlier a metal Tortoise is a very auspicious symbol in the north. You can place a photo of Goddess Lakshmi (Indian Goddess of Wealth) here.

  • Any water feature, a small fountain, a waterfall or even a painting of a waterfall is good.

  • Any metal decorative item related to your profession would do your career good.

  • You can keep a gold or silver colored metal coin box in the north. You may place common change or silver coins in this box.

II. NE – North East     Knowledge/Wisdom/Self-Cultivation/Spirituality

  • Crystals activate the Earth element and are good for NE. A crystal or glass chandelier is a very effective energizer for this area.

  • Pottery or clay items are also very good for this area.

  • A photo of Goddess Saraswati (Indian Goddess of Wisdom) would do wonders for enhancing wisdom.

  • You can also support the earth element with fire element. Lights and lamps can be put here.

III. E – East               Family/Heritage/Health/Growth

  • Healthy growing plants lush with green are the best to activate the Wood element in the East area. Living plants are best, but artificial ones will also do.

  • You can also activate the water element by placing a ceramic turtle here in a water bowl. Turtle is a symbol of longevity.

  • You can place happy looking family photographs framed in wooden frames in this corner.

  • Do not keep live plants in your bedroom though.

IV. SE-South-East     Wealth/Abundance/Prosperity/Finance

  • Healthy growing plants lush with green are the best to activate the Wood element in the South-East area. Living plants are best, but artificial ones will also do.

  • Even an artificial fruit tray brimming with fruits placed in the South-east corner of your living room and/or kitchen symbolizes wealth.

  • Again a water feature here is good feng shui like an aquarium with gold fish or a small fountain. But do not overdo things.

  • Any prosperity symbol which signifies prosperity to you like fake gold bars, wooden framed Goddess Lakshmi etc., make excellent symbols for this area.

V. S – South             Fame/Reputation/Acknowledgement

  • A fire place in the south is excellent for activating the fire element.

  • Red color objects, lights, wooden objects, wooden framed photo of yours getting some award or recognition, your awards, framed certificates, lamps are all good for this area.

  • Phoenix is the symbolic animal for this area. And as such a framed photograph of Phoenix or peacock, or rooster is good. Peacock feathers are also good to activate the phoenix.

VI. SW-South-West      Love/Marriage/Relationships/Partnerships

  • Crystals activate the Earth element and are good for SW. A crystal or glass chandelier is a very effective energizer for this area.

  • Pottery or clay items are also very good for this area.

  • You can also support the earth element with fire element. Lights and lamps can be put here.

  • A photograph of you together in a happy mood in red color frame would be excellent for this area. Only you two should be there in the photo.

  • Lovebirds, swans facing each other, ducks in clay are all good energizers for this area. 

VII. W- West             Children/Creativity

  • To activate the metal element in this area, decorative metal objects in the west. TV, computer, music system and electrical appliances all belong to metal element.

  • Metal trophies, bells are good for this area.

  • Photographs of your children in metal frames are good to be kept in this area.

  • For those expecting a child or wanting to have a child, hang a photo of a beautiful and healthy child in metal frame in the west.

VIII. NW-North-West         Helpful People/Mentors/Travel

  • To activate the metal element in this area, decorative metal objects in the west. TV, computer, music system and electrical appliances all belong to metal element.

  • Metal or ceramic bells are good for this area. So are horse shoe magnets.

  • Metal wind-chimes with hollow rods are excellent for this area. Stone or ceramic wind-chimes can also be used.

  • Ceramic or clay three-legged frog sitting on Gold coins is also good for this area.

  • Place the photo of your Guru/Mentor in the North West.

Energizing different Areas-Aspirations in your Home/Office:

Apart from the above mentioned ways to energize the different area-aspirations in your home/office, there is another powerful way of super energizing the missing aspirations in your life.

To energize any aspiration of your life which is weak, you can place a LIFE CARD in the respective direction/area of your home and office as per the Bagua. Just go to that area of your home/office for a few minutes every day. Concentrate on the LIFE CARD and ask for what you are seeking.

This is a very powerful way of energizing that aspiration in your life, because LIFE CARD would heal the problems you are having in that area of your life and it would help you to fulfill your aspirations from that area of your life.

E.g. if you are having a relationship problem, put a LIFE CARD in the SW area of your home or bedroom. Then for a few minutes every day sit in the SW area of your home/bedroom and ask for resolution of the relationship problem and visualize that relationship to be full of love and peace.

For N and SE, you can also put a Prosperity Attractor Card instead of the LIFE CARD.

Again I repeat, these are time tested solutions. Try them now.

To your health, success and prosperity…


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by Dr Amit Jain